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новый горизонт

The “New Horizon” is conquered!

28.04.2015 0

Our Dji participates not only at sport marathons (he participated in two already!), but at the festival marathons, as well. This time Dji participated at the International festival of short …

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 1.44.18 PM

Iron Man- Dmitri Voloshin

05.08.2014 0

The journalist of the program Istorii Urbane visited the company Simpals and made a wonderful report about sport and life, everyday work and the tomfoolery of the Simpals staff and …


Dji at the Erotic Festival “G-Spot”

01.04.2014 0

Dji became the winner of the erotic film festival “G-spot”.…

Untitled-1 copy5

We’re going to the “Cannes of Animation”!

28.03.2013 0

Yes, it’s not a mistake. The animated film “Dji. Death fails” was selected for screening at the biggest animation film festival Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2013, which takes place …


A Day in our Studio’s life.

12.02.2013 0

How does a day in the animation studio Simpals start?…

Снимок экрана 2012-11-02 в 18.13.12

A New Animated Film Created by Simpals

03.11.2012 0

On November 4, the company “Simpals” will release the first episode of the prequel to the animated feature film “The Gypsy”..…


In School for the First Time

21.02.2011 0

The first basic courses at our Monsters School have flown by, the exams have ended, all graduation works have been assessed, and we’re ready to draw some conclusions. …


"Gypsy" will be full-length!

29.09.2010 0

(blowing dust off the blog) Hello, our dear ones. We are sure that many of you thought that our project had totally kicked the bucket.And they were terribly wrong.…

New season: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

10.09.2009 0

So and the summer ended.  Long time ago, scientists proved that during holidays people grow foolish. During the summer holidays – this is happening doubly.…


April Fools’ Day

01.04.2009 0

First of April is a very happy day for us. This is the day when we happily discharge someone, send somebody to buy some vodka and do not return him …


When the cartoon will be released?

12.03.2009 0

In our comments to every blog note, we get from five to fifty questions like “When the cartoon will be released?” In everyday life for people involved in the project, …


Inverted greeting card

19.02.2009 0

Ну что ж, судя по комментариям и отзывам о нашей первой поздравительной видео-открытке про Цыгана, можно предположить, что большинству она понравилась. …


Who’s the home head?

28.11.2008 0

Gojo didn’t have to wait too long to have his family gathered. Soon after the image of Gojo’s son appeared the image of his wife, Zara.…


Shall the color bright!

13.11.2008 0

Well, it is time to bring to an end the three dimensional work over the appearance of our main character. Everything is almost ready: there is a pattern, a structure …


Small but strong.

15.10.2008 0

Well, we finally have the long-awaited new member in Gojo’s family. After long search, he now, with our help has the eight-year old son. He already plays violin pretty well; …


If you see a river drawn on a picture…

07.10.2008 0

If you see, that on a painting A painter drew a stream Or a fir-tree with white frosting Or an orchard there has been Or a snowy plain with clouds…


Dot, dot, comma, dash

01.08.2008 0

Storyboard — is the sequence of drawings, serving as an object lesson of the future cartoon, so to say its paper version. It helps the director to plan the scenes …


The Gypsy Baron Said “Yes!”

28.07.2008 0

On weekend we went to Soroca to meet the gypsy baron Arthur Mircea-Mihai Cerari. The purpose of our visit was to receive the approval of Roma people for the script …


The final image of Gojo

19.07.2008 0

After the approval of the sketch, the character gets to the sculptor (see previous post) and the artist. The artist colors the character in a graphic editor, adds details and …


Birth of hero

10.07.2008 0

After hard and long battles between painters-stage manager and producer was born our gypsy, Gojo.…

The time of change came

02.06.2008 0

I was driving to the work today in the morning. Suddenly I understood that I don’t want to go there, that I am not interesed simply to make a qualitative …

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