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2018-04-12 16.31.46

Simpals Studio goes to outer space: teaser “Aripi”

12.04.2018 0

Friends, great news for you! Today, on the International Cosmonautics Day, we’re sharing with you the teaser of our cosmical project – “Aripi”. Why today? Because the action of the …


Students have been exposed to Simpals animation world

17.11.2017 0

Simpals Studio is a unique world where cartoon characters come to life, and illustrators at Simpals are the ones who create them by importing lots of care, love and diligence. …


Making of “Dji. Death Sails” – Part Two

07.02.2015 0

The pirate rig Our pirate is quite bulky, even so he can’t passively die of thirst. In other words he must move. In order to make this big guy move …


Some international guests stopped by to say hello=)

17.07.2014 0

There is a wonderful organization in Moldova, which holds different interesting events for students from technical colleges. The organization is called BEST Chisinau. It exists since 2007. …


What is the most important thing in animated movies?

06.07.2014 0

The animated film Dji. Death Failsreceived the award for Best Music! …


People of the Earth! Let the magic begin!

01.07.2014 0

While we’re finishing the second series of the animated film, Dji continues to win awards at international festivals.…


The ranks of CG monsters have been replenished!

09.06.2014 0

Yippee!! The ranks of CG monsters have been replenished! A few days ago the students of Monsters School passed their final exams in 3D graphics basic course. …


Kids In Da House

05.06.2014 0

On the occasion of International Children’s Day, the company Simpals decided to congratulate the employees’ children and at this point we came across an interesting fact.…


It’s Fantastic!!

28.05.2014 0

We’ve got good news again! Not long ago our animated film Dji. Death Fails travelled to the USA to be presented at MisCon Short Film Festival.…


There can’t be too many festivals!

18.04.2013 0

On November 4, 2012 Simpals animation studio released the short animated film “Dji. Death fails” which won the sympathy of the audience not only in Moldova, but also in other …

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