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Marathon organizers awarded the Volunteers of the company Simpals

21.06.2016 0

The Marathon came and went, and the people who prepared it – remained. And they were left without their well-deserved rewards. They were passing near the Sporter office, smiling mysteriously …


More than 15 000 people have conquered the second Chisinau Marathon

17.04.2016 0

April 17 is another significant date in the history of Moldova. That day was the day of the second in the history of independent Moldova International Chisinau Marathon. On the …


Subscribe to Instagram of Chisinau Marathon and use our hashtags for your selfies

13.02.2016 0

Yes, that’s right, we have our own instagram @ChisinauMarathon, where we publish various photos, associated with running, and, of course, with the International Chisinau Marathon! If you like to …


Trailer for the upcoming video about Carnival race of 2015 (Video)

21.12.2015 0

On December 20, 2015, the third Carnival race took place in Chisinau. Sunny day, the runners from a fairy tale and a variety of gifts made the Carnival race a …


The Organizer of Chisinau Marathon Have Made a Statement at Kiev Marathon

28.09.2015 0

From 25 to 27 September, Kiev city hosted the Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon 2015. 3 800 sportsmen from 34 countries of the world ran the marathon, covering distances of …


“Let’s Return the Stadium to Moldova”

27.09.2015 0

Today, 27 September, tens of amateur sportsmen and just concerned citizens have gathered next to the Republican Stadium and have protested against the sale of the former stadium territory before …


The Second Stage of the Ghidighici Reservoir Preparation for Summer Took Place

10.06.2015 0

On the 9th of June to the territory o the Ghidighici Reservoir had been brought the sand for fitting the beach where each resident of Moldova can have a …


The Second Life of the City Beach at the Ghidighici Reservoir!

30.05.2015 0

LET US PREPARE THE BEACH TO THE SUMMER TOGETHER! Summer has come and it is time to make it more comfortable and rememberable. It will happen due to clean-up and …


Our Farm Expands!

07.04.2014 0

We’ve got new pets in our office!…


Family Weekend with Sporter.md!

25.02.2014 0

On February 15, the sports social network Sporter.md in conjunction with Simpals company and cArAnd’Ache art pub organized the first Moldovan competition in puzzle assembling. The event attracted about 120 …


Sporter Weekend. New Year Run!

04.01.2014 0

We do believe that this event will become a good tradition, because: a) It was held on the 29th of December. b) At 10 am (on Sunday). c) It’s the …


Sporter Weekend. A Gulp of Air- underwater adventures on the first day of winter

02.12.2013 0

Sunday, December 1, was a memorable day for the fans of underwater sports. It was the day when the first free-diving championship was held in the Republic of Moldova. It …


Sporter Weekend. Ping-Pong Day

25.11.2013 0

Sunday, 24th November, was a ping pong day. Table tennis fans gathered at the sports club Stiga at bd. Dacia 31, to take part in the table tennis tournament “Ping-Pong …


How sports can change lives. The story of Dmitri Voloshin.

31.07.2013 0

Dmitri Voloshin is the owner of the company “Simpals”. Just year and a half ago, we could have put a period at the end of this phrase =) Of course, …


Sporter Weekend took place!

10.06.2013 0

“Sporter Weekend” or “500 thousand centimeters”. That was the name of the event, which was held on the 9th of June in the park Valea Morilor. The organizers of the …

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