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Happy Easter!

02.05.2021 0

Happy Easter! May you be blessed with peace, warmth and kindness in your home! May our lives be full of Miracles! https://simpals.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/2021.04.30_PashaGif3-1.mp4…


Happy Labor Day

01.05.2021 0

Happy Holiday everyone! Happy Labor Day! We wish you all love and passion for what you do. Year after year, research confirms that we spend at work at least a …


SONR, now available in 16 countries around the world

09.04.2021 0

Three years of labor. 7 prototype versions. Hundreds of tests and challenges, and the world’s smallest underwater transmitter for swimmers, coaches, triathletes and freedivers is ready to conquer the world! …


Simpals Studio made the world’s first 1D animated movie

02.04.2021 0

On the company’s B-day, Simpals Studio released the world’s first 1D cartoon — “1DryCat”. The idea of making a one-dimensional cartoon belongs to Dmitri Voloshin, the director and …


#HBD19 sets for Simpals residents

02.04.2021 0

On our birthday, we offer gifts not just to our friends and users, but also to our employees. And if Simpals residents don’t go party (we mean a Bday party, …


Happy Birthday Simpals! We are 19 years old!

01.04.2021 0

On our birthday we usually take stock and make new plans. This is why we are happy to tell you about our eighteenth year. Over the past year, a lot …


“The Flat” earned a medal from Florida

23.03.2021 0

It has been a long time since we shared the news with you. So, let’s get it fixed! Especially that we have something to share. We have already told you …


Pancake Kings at Simpals

16.03.2021 0

Did you have any idea that there are Pancake Kings among Simpals employees? It turned out by surprise when we had a competition for the most creative pancakes. It happens …


Simpals has a new Digital Marketing Director

01.03.2021 0

Digital Marketing department at Simpals has a new Digital Marketing Director! Welcome Evgeny Martynov, who has joined our team! For 8 years, Evgeny has worked for Puma, where he walked …


Point.md turned 15 years!

20.02.2021 0

Today,the most popular news aggregator in Moldova, and one of the Simpals projects – Point.md, celebrates its birthday! Turning 15! Every day, the team overcomes stormy information flows, skillfully maneuvers …


Simpals appoints Eugeniu Procopi as Director of Sporter

18.02.2021 0

We’re happy to introduce you a new member of the Simpals team – Eugeniu Procopi, Director of Sporter organization! Eugeniu has been in the field of sports for 8 years. …


Happy B-day, Forum!

01.02.2021 0

Today is the B-day of one of the oldest Simpals project — Forum.md! Believe it or not, it still remembers the ICQ Uh Oh! sound, a world without YouTube, and …


Simpals appoints Maxim Banga as Chief Financial Officer

26.01.2021 0

We are honored to introduce you to the new Simpals CFO, Maxim Banaga. Maxim has over 13 years of experience in the finance sector. He has worked for international companies …


Sporter restarts the legendary Rubicon

21.01.2021 0

“Friends, the RUBICON is back in Moldova!”. This is how the new year 2021 started at Sporter. We’ve had no events for a whole year and it seems like we’ve …


Obscene usernames and avatars will be blocked on Point.md

18.01.2021 0

The Point.md team continues to change and complete the functionality of the site to make communication in comments even more pleasant for users. Now the site will block the ability …


Simpals confirmed ISO compliance

15.01.2021 0

There are some events that you want to share over and over again. We’re talking about a very important test in every company’s life — ISO certification. This is …


New Year’s Eve results or Demo Day 2.0

30.12.2020 0

The rule here at Simpals is to sum up the results on New Year’s Eve. So, DemoDay has become a good practice. Each team speaks about what they have achieved …


Simpals gifts: 2021 edition

30.12.2020 0

You should start the new year right – with a huge charge of vitamins, good (bottled) mood, and, of course, a clean sheet! We believe that if something is missing …

profi 1200 px

Happy Birthday, Profi.md!

28.12.2020 0

Today is a special day for specialists, experts and seasoned professionals! Our specialist search service Profi.md turns three! Every day, the project team helps residents of Moldova find the most …


Aheel team produced a new version of the device

18.12.2020 0

Continuous testing and CustDev results have pushed Aheel to sweeping changes. It turned out that users want the device to be able to collect more information and analytics. The team …


Project 999.md turned 21 years!

05.12.2020 0

Today 999.md is celebrating the 21st birthday! The age of consent, right? And all this time, 999 has been assisting you in your sales and purchases. 21 years of 24/7 …


Sporter summed up the results of RUNdemia autumn edition

02.12.2020 0

The 2020 running season can be officially closed! Just the other day, Sporter.md summed up the results of the online marathon RUNdemia and congratulated the absolute champions of the autumn …


2December at Simpals Studio

02.12.2020 0

On the 2nd of December, all 2D animators around the globe send each other cute drawings with nice greetings. That’s because it’s 2D animation day! On its professional day, our …

Новый проект

999.md broke a new attendance record

30.11.2020 0

Simpals has a new “statistical” reason to be proud — 400,000 unique users visiting the 999.md website per day. The 999.md project remains the most visited site in Moldova, according …

Снимок экрана 2020-11-27 в 19.57.13

Simpals Studio contributed to the creation of a cartoon about Down Syndrome

27.11.2020 0

Simpals Studio together with A.O. Sunshine has made a very heartwarming cartoon full of sunshine. It’s about “sunshine children”. Probably there is no such person who hasn’t heard about Down …


“Report a comment” option available on Point.md

26.11.2020 0

Due to numerous requests and suggestions from our users, a new option is available on Point.md — “report a comment”. With its help, Point readers will be able to independently …


Lobster sponsoring City League competition in Beijing

26.11.2020 0

Freediving championships are gradually coming back into the athletes’ lives, and our project Lobster Freediving Weight could not miss this event. Our project supported the City League National Pool Freediving …


The autumn planting season of Verde.md is over

25.11.2020 0

Eco-project Verde.md has brought the autumn planting to an end. Because of the pandemic, this year the project failed to carry out all the large-scale plantings. Nevertheless, Verde.md together with …


Happy Birthday, Price.md!

21.11.2020 0

Today our project Price.md is celebrating its first milestone birthday! For 5 years now, it’s been changing the idea of local entrepreneurs about e-commerce in Moldova. Every day it proves …


“Aripi” reaches Steam site

19.11.2020 0

Our cartoon “Aripi” is the first Moldovan project to appear on the world’s most popular online service for the sale of computer games and software. On November 8, Simpals Studio …

Снимок экрана 2020-11-11 в 17.43.26

Votum.md completes the poll on the second round of elections in Moldova

10.11.2020 0

The independent sociological polls project Votum.md has completed research on the 2020 presidential elections in Moldova. Over 7 days of voting, more than 22,500 people took part in the poll.…


999.md updated the mobile app interface

06.11.2020 0

Now the 999.md application features a new navigation bar at the bottom of the screen where the main menu items are displayed:  “Home” – press once to get back to …


ARIPI wins new awards for Best Animated Film and Best 3D Film

02.11.2020 0

While Simpals Studio introduced everyone to the new social sketches “The Ocean” and “The Harvest”, the cartoon “ARIPI” continued to attend the world festivals and brought …

Снимок экрана 2020-10-29 в 18.04.15

Aheel & СustDev: How to create a product that sells itself

29.10.2020 0

The Garage team continues to work hard on their new device, the Aheel runner insole. On the project page, they present a reality show in which they demonstrate all the …


New feature “Drafts” available on 999.md

27.10.2020 0

A new feature “Drafts” is now available to 999.md users. This means that the site can store the data for an advertisement that you haven’t managed to publish. If you’re …


Aheel project updates site and launches explainer video

26.10.2020 0

After a sharp 180-degree turn from the intended strategy of startup promotion, the Aheel team sat down to work on the mistakes. And that’s what these guys are actually doing.…

Снимок экрана 2020-11-12 в 13.45.07

A new “making of” from Aheel team

14.10.2020 0

Aheel team is preparing something interesting. What exactly? They will tell you and show you a bit later. Until then, we suggest you watching a piece of our “making of”. …


Sporter celebrates 8 years!

09.10.2020 0

When the Sporter project appeared 8 years ago, it was hard to imagine how much amateur sport would change in the country. But if you take a look right now, …

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Clean hands = Live hands

30.09.2020 0

Friends, let’s remind you again of the important rules of hygiene! And remember, it’s better to share positive emotions than viruses. Be healthy! Always yours, Simpals Studio. …

119736807_145115523962643_1396598243789432668_o (1)

Aheel project on quarantine

18.09.2020 0

Covid-19 detected in Simpals! Aheel goes to quarantine. Our founder and CEO of Aheel Dmitri Voloshin, fell sick with the coronavirus. Dmitri and his family have self-isolated at home and …

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