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Activists of “StopHam Moldova” + April 1 = ? ? ?

01.04.2014 0

StopHam Moldova together with the company Simpals decided to congratulate everyone on April Fools’ Day and made the following video. No one was harmed except the car=) Everyone is safe …


Film Critics Award from the U.S.

01.03.2014 0

It’s our hint at the Academy Award=)…

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Men’s Day at Simpals

24.02.2014 0

Are you still out of uniform? Military recruiters are coming to get you!…


Young Visitors

21.01.2014 0

We often have guests, our doors are always open for those who are interested in animation, especially for children. …


Sporter Weekend. New Year Run!

04.01.2014 0

We do believe that this event will become a good tradition, because: a) It was held on the 29th of December. b) At 10 am (on Sunday). c) It’s the …

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Another TV show dedicated to animated films- Istorii Urbane (TNT)

15.12.2013 0

The journalist of the program Istorii Urbane visited Simpals animation studio and spent there 3 hours instead of the usual hour and a half:) The work of the animation studio …


We are almost ready for New Year 2014!

04.12.2013 0

A new Christmas tree appeared in our office=) Actually, we have several of them. We have one beautiful tree in the reception area. No surprise, that everyone admires it and …


Moldovan Rocket Launched into Space!

08.11.2013 0

On November 4th, 2013 Moldovans flew into space for the first time. At 7:14 am local time, the first rocket of the Moldovan Space Office blasted off from a secret …


Happy Halloween!

30.10.2013 0

By tradition, on October 30 people around the world celebrate Halloween! As the legend says, A shrewd man nicknamed “Stingy Jack“ played a trick on the Devil who cursed him …


We Made it into the Press

29.10.2013 0

There is animation in Moldova! Moreover, the works of the Moldovan animation studio Simpals are known across the world. =) If you want to know, how we came up with …


+1 Pretty Girl in the Office

20.10.2013 0

We can’t eradicate the tradition of bringing exotic pets into our office. Here’s our new pet. This pretty girl is called Nastya (hahaha) and she lives in the office of …


In the Country of Cartoons

15.10.2013 0

Simpals Animation Studio can also be called «open door studio» =) We are often visited by children who are eager to find out how cartoons are made, eat something tasty …


The story of how Moldovans taught Russians to cook

11.10.2013 0

In July a Russian TV channel asked us to help them shoot a TV programme.…

тнт офис

Exotic Office of the Company Simpals

01.10.2013 0

Exotic Office of the Company Simpals
The journalist of the television programme «Istorii Urbane» on TNT paid a visit to our company.…


That’s a Real Festival Parade!

29.08.2013 0

We continue traveling around the world. To be more precise, it’s our animated film “Dji. Death Fails” that actually travels.…

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They’re Overrunning the Festivals!

28.08.2013 0

Yes, that’s about us, as we continue participating in different international festivals with our short animated film “Dji. Death Fails”. …


How sports can change lives. The story of Dmitri Voloshin.

31.07.2013 0

Dmitri Voloshin is the owner of the company “Simpals”. Just year and a half ago, we could have put a period at the end of this phrase =) Of course, …


“Around the World in 80 Days”. Our version!

23.07.2013 0

Some people say that it’s impossible to see the whole world sitting on the couch. But we say that it can be done.…


“Live from the Couch” — a new video project

08.07.2013 0

A creative company must be creative in everything. Maybe, this was the reason why the project “Live from the Counch”was created.…


More Good News!

11.06.2013 0

We have already mentioned that the world community spoke very favorably of our animated film “Dji. Death fails”. It makes us really happy! Now we’d like to present you another …


A New Pet

01.05.2013 0

We hired one more girl and put her at once into the terrarium cage. =) We’re joking! We love girls, but now in our office appeared……


There can’t be too many festivals!

18.04.2013 0

On November 4, 2012 Simpals animation studio released the short animated film “Dji. Death fails” which won the sympathy of the audience not only in Moldova, but also in other …


Informational doping is allowed!

01.04.2013 0

The company Simpals launched a new project- a sports social network sporter.md!…

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The wedding must be perfect!

01.04.2013 0

The business incubator Simpals Garage is ready to share the fruits of its labour. We’re launching the portal marry.md. Now it’s much easier to organize an ideal wedding! The …


Knock knock… Anybody home?

04.03.2013 0

A few words about our staff. Our staff includes about 120 employees. There are quite many animals among them, and it’s not a bad word in this context (though sometimes …


A Day in our Studio’s life.

12.02.2013 0

How does a day in the animation studio Simpals start?…


Paintball in Simpals style!

22.01.2013 0

Do you like bruises and scratches as much as we do?…


We were on TV!

20.11.2012 0

Simpals was invited to the morning show on STS TV channel. The director of the film- Dmitry Voloshin, art-director- Serdar Djumaev and the head of 3D department -Serghey Kirillov assumed …

Outdoor 156

Simpals organized a football flash mob

16.09.2012 0

On Sunday, September 16, 2012 the mini-football tournament among Simpals employees was held on the main street of the capital. We thought that in order to experience the thrill of …


«Simpals Garage» – Сrash Test N.2

17.01.2012 0

Last Saturday, January 14, in keeping with the highest traditions of Simpals took place the second Crash Test of the startup incubator “Simpals Garage”.…


ORANGE Moldova: Multimedia Revolution

29.11.2007 0

The mission of ORANGE in Moldova is to expand the opportunities provided by mobile telephony, so that the communication to become more intense and diverse. This mission is realized according …


Receiving of ads via MMS to 999.md and in newspaper

27.11.2007 0

On November 27, 2007 the company Simpals in partnership with ORANGE introduced a new service – receiving ads via MMS.…

We’ve launched the new site of KENT

23.05.2007 0

The progress demands the perfection of design. The new pack of Kent. Find out first about it. A new level of lines and color perception in a perfect 3-TEK format. …

The Internet Award of SIMPALS at the contest WebTop 2007

08.04.2007 0

On April 24, will be held the ceremony of Webtop Awards. Especially for this event, SIMPALS had prepared its award, for the socially-oriented sites.…

We’ve launched the site of the company “Natur Bravo”

01.12.2006 0

We’ve launched the site of one of the largest manufacturers of canned foods in Moldova, the company «Natur Bravo». …

We’ve launched the site of the “Chisinau” beer – www.berechisinau.md

06.11.2006 0

The site  www.berechisinau.md is a gallery of vivid pictures with glasses of fresh beer and Moldavian landscapes, history and brewing technology, news and up-to-date information on shares held by the …

Take a look at life from a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE with KENT

28.09.2006 0

On September 28, 2006 we’ve launched the second version of the promo-site for the cigarette brand KENT of the company “British American Tobacco – Moldova”. We had worked along with …


17.07.2006 0

Our company has developed a server and client software, and the SMS service for the promotional campaign “IN THE WORLD OF INNOVATION ALONG WITH KENT», organized by “British American …


We’ve launched the site Simpals.md

12.02.2005 0

We’ve launched the corporate site of the company: Simpals.md. This is an informative site which contains the information about the services of our company.…


Today was registered Simpals SRL

01.04.2002 0

We’ve officially registered the company Simpals SRL. This is the beginning!…


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