Simpals’ collective preparations for Sea Mile 2016

10.06.2016 0

That’s it! We officially announce the beginning of the preparation for the Sea Mile 2016! By tradition, we are launching corporate trainings. The most pleasant lunch break in the …


Registration is now open for the fourth swimming competition Sea Mile 2016

20.04.2016 0

Right now you have the opportunity to register for the championship in swimming in open water Ghidighici Sea Mile 2016, which will be held this summer on July 17th for …


The Second Stage of the Ghidighici Reservoir Preparation for Summer Took Place

10.06.2015 0

On the 9th of June to the territory o the Ghidighici Reservoir had been brought the sand for fitting the beach where each resident of Moldova can have a …


The Second Life of the City Beach at the Ghidighici Reservoir!

30.05.2015 0

LET US PREPARE THE BEACH TO THE SUMMER TOGETHER! Summer has come and it is time to make it more comfortable and rememberable. It will happen due to clean-up and …

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