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“256th Day” or “Congratulations, programmers!”

12.09.2016 0

Friends, colleagues, I would like bring to your attention to one unusual date. Today, a 256 day of the year. Anticipating questions and puzzled look, I explain – Today is …


Forward march!

08.07.2016 0

Today, we close the office with a huge barn electronic lock and leave for a treasure hunt. All our friendly team goes to Molovata Noua, which will host the summer …


Guided tour through Simpals: “How to get inspired?”

24.06.2016 0

On June 24, the delegation EcoVisio arrived to Simpals company. It consisted of 8 participants from different countries of the near and far abroad. The participants expressed a desire …



02.09.2015 0

ARBYZ Party – it’s not a foam party! This is a party after which you need foam to wash everything and everybody (that’s what we are doing the whole day …


Iron Environment to Iron Men!

21.05.2015 0

On 17th May two our bravehearts (Andrei Matkovsky and Vadim Jeleaskov) have covered the Half-Ironman distance in Barcelona. And on 20th May they returned to Moldova! Well, we …


International Accountant’s Day

13.11.2014 0

Is there a company that could do without an accountant? Of course, there isn’t. Especially Simpals.…


International Advertising Day

23.10.2014 0

On October 23, many people all over the world leave their phones and documents, tear their waybills, notebooks with creative ideas and go celebrating!…


MAFIA in the house

21.10.2014 0

As the winter is drawing inexorably nearer, we held the official opening of “warm evenings”. The first evening was dedicated to gathering by candlelight.…


We’ve got a new look!

02.09.2014 0

Come and visit us!! Now we’re easier to find =) …


Chocolate Day

11.07.2014 0

Today is the International Day of extra calories=) And we decided to celebrate it exactly this way=) In fact, today is July 11 which is World Chocolate Day=) PS: In …


Our Farm Expands!

07.04.2014 0

We’ve got new pets in our office!…

Снимок экрана 2014-03-05 в 10.30.33

Men’s Day at Simpals

24.02.2014 0

Are you still out of uniform? Military recruiters are coming to get you!…


+1 Pretty Girl in the Office

20.10.2013 0

We can’t eradicate the tradition of bringing exotic pets into our office. Here’s our new pet. This pretty girl is called Nastya (hahaha) and she lives in the office of …

тнт офис

Exotic Office of the Company Simpals

01.10.2013 0

Exotic Office of the Company Simpals
The journalist of the television programme «Istorii Urbane» on TNT paid a visit to our company.…


A New Pet

01.05.2013 0

We hired one more girl and put her at once into the terrarium cage. =) We’re joking! We love girls, but now in our office appeared……


Knock knock… Anybody home?

04.03.2013 0

A few words about our staff. Our staff includes about 120 employees. There are quite many animals among them, and it’s not a bad word in this context (though sometimes …

The new office on Puskin 5

21.12.2008 0

Our company is moving to a new office situated on st. Puskin 5. Now the number of Simpals employees has reached 42 people.…

Office on Puskin street, 12

23.03.2005 0

We’re changing again the place of residence =) now Simpals office is located on the street Pushkin number 12. The number of employees has reached 42 people. The great tradition …

Office on the street Yablochkina, 5

05.08.2004 0

We moved to a new office on the street. Yablochkina, № 5. Number of employees of the company «Simpals» increased to 18 people. We are growing!…

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