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Russian CG art website wrote about us!

30.09.2014 0

One of the Russian websites dedicated to computer graphics and animation became interested in our animation studio.…

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Iron Man- Dmitri Voloshin

05.08.2014 0

The journalist of the program Istorii Urbane visited the company Simpals and made a wonderful report about sport and life, everyday work and the tomfoolery of the Simpals staff and …

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What does a compositing artist do?

30.05.2014 0

Who is a compositor? Is he the one who composes music? Or maybe he is the one who poses with compote? Of course, not=) …


Do you need some experience?

13.12.2012 0

Last week our studio was visited by two young people: Mihaela and Daniel.…


In School for the First Time

21.02.2011 0

The first basic courses at our Monsters School have flown by, the exams have ended, all graduation works have been assessed, and we’re ready to draw some conclusions. …


We had opened a School of monsters of computer graphics and animation: Monsters.md

09.09.2010 0

The idea of creation of a School of computer graphics and animation came not by chance. Computer Graphics are today at the peak of popularity.…

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