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Moldova’s the most detailed map has been improved! Please welcome — Point Map 2.0

16.11.2015 0

Dear Moldnet users. We are happy to inform you that the most detailed and popular map of Moldova, Point Map, has been improved! Besides correcting former errors, the new Point…

Снимок экрана 2014-04-03 в 15.00.57

PointMap App for Android!

13.02.2014 0

PointMap application offers a detailed map of Moldova (with a catalog of institutions, companies and public places as well as public transportation routes) which makes it easy to search for …


Map Update

01.04.2013 0

We have updated the map on the website point.md!…

The map of Moldova, now on your website

18.12.2009 0

Now you can add a dynamic map of Moldova to your site.…

The project “Internet map of Chisinau”

02.04.2006 0

The internet map of the Chisinau was created on the initiative of Simpals in collaboration with INGEOCAD. The project was conceived as an open, socially significant and socially oriented website, …

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