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Pria E-Commerce in Moldova

09.06.2020 0

On 10 June, Roman Stirbu, CEO of Simpals will attend “Pria E-Commerce in Moldova” – an online conference, which is crucial for today’s Moldova. The conference is expected to have …


May at Simpals: our updates digest

01.06.2020 0

So, another month of hard work is over. Even though circumstances have made us work remotely, the results for this month are pretty cool. Well, if it’s hard for you …

Happy birthday, Numbers!

20.05.2020 0

Today, the largest Internet sales house №1 in Moldova — Numbers.md — turns 9 years! From the very first day of its activity, it helped businesses learn the complexity of …

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Simpals antifragile presentation

11.05.2020 0

Why we all live in the forest now, why create unrealistic tasks and what the antifragility in our team looks like, Dmitri Voloshin talks about all this. Watch a presentation …



08.05.2020 0

We keep telling you about different traditions at Simpals. So, for several months now, Simpalseans have been sharing funny photos and videos showing life of the office. At the …


Team training: Growth Hacking at Simpals or how to hack the project growth

04.05.2020 0

While in quarantine, we shouldn’t forget about training. It’s the period when you can find growth aspects for yourself and for your project. Therefore, we continue sharing our pre-quarantine Simpals…


April at Simpals was a month of fruitful quarantine: our updates digest

01.05.2020 0

May is coming, and with it the International Labor Day. We decided to draw a conclusion on the results obtained in April at Simpals and to tell you about the …


Simpals donates video laryngoscopes to Moldovan clinics

01.04.2020 0

On its 18th birthday, the company donated to medical institutions in the country the necessary equipment. Today Simpals company is turning 18. 18 years of struggle, with defeats as well …


Training at Simpals: Jobs To Be Done is the task which needs to be completed

30.03.2020 0

Simpals Company is an IT company, which links about 40 projects and 4 product teams. Each team has its own methods and instruments. As the IT field rapidly evolves, the …

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How to set up remote team work? Studii.md shares its experience

24.03.2020 0

Like Google, Yandex, Tweeter, Facebook and other IT companies from all over the world, Simpals decided to temporarily switch to work from home mode. Based on the example of the …


”I help. I care!” Offer a hand of help to elders!

20.03.2020 0

With the imposition of the state of emergency in the Republic of Moldova, a great number of elderly people and people with special needs got into an extremely difficult situation.…


Simpals conducts online interviews during quarantine

18.03.2020 0

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads around the world, more IT companies are announcing their switch to remote work, in order to ensure the safety of their employees and to …


Simpals offers free online shops for business during quarantine ®

18.03.2020 0

This is primarily due to the fact that the consequences of combating COVID-19 have seriously affected the profitability and income of any business, since customers cannot leave their home without …

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16.03.2020 0

The most important thing in combating the spreading virus isn’t just washing hands and keeping calm, it’s also reducing the social circle to the minimum. For this reason, Simpals has …

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Simpals is switching to remote working mode

14.03.2020 0

Starting today, Simpals is switching to remote working mode, which will last a week. Familiar working spirit, when the whole team is nearby, was transferred to video communication format. Today …


Meet Sonr!

09.03.2020 0

Meet Sonr – a device intended for swimmers, coaches, freedivers and triathletes, specially designed to make you a champion as soon as possible! This small device is worn on the …

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Bringing walls Simpals to life

03.03.2020 0

If your kids love to paint on the walls, send them to art school 😄 Maybe in a few years they will make a masterpiece out of the walls in …

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Simpals, you are the cosmos!

23.01.2020 0

When there’s too much cosmos inside us, it’s absolutely bursting out. That’s exactly how our corporate party was delivered – comic, explosive, sweeping (in every way 🙂).…

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