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Simpals donates video laryngoscopes to Moldovan clinics

01.04.2020 0

On its 18th birthday, the company donated to medical institutions in the country the necessary equipment. Today Simpals company is turning 18. 18 years of struggle, with defeats as well …


Sorry, Chuck, but Roman is cooler than you!

12.10.2018 0

Roman Fedorovicch turns 39 (but we’re not sure!). We are completely comfortable with showing you a full version (that is, the complete photo album) of qualities possessed by our birthday …

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Bossa Nojki

09.08.2018 0

Today our company celebrates a super important date for everybody:  Master’s Birthday! A beautiful poetical greeting in verse, which can’t be translated, is available at the following link (link …


Simpals, Happy Birthday!

01.04.2018 0

Simpals is turning 16. Behind this simple phrase there is an incredible bulk of work done, a countless number of completed tasks and hundreds of realized plans and projects. Believe …

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A “historical” post

19.03.2018 0

We continue telling you about different interesting things. So, today there will be 3 stories: why is Dmitri Voloshin growing a braid, why is Moldova a spacefaring nation and why …

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Birthday’s coming!

17.03.2018 0

So, soon is our birthday. It’s a common thing to prepare for it, so we won’t break this tradition. Of course, on April 1 (that’s our birthday date) we will …


Our mommy turned 11!

16.03.2018 0

Today is the birthday of mama.md – 11 years! Meet Aliona and Masha – project managers, who organize, arrange, hold, launch and do many other things! Aliona: ”To be part …


Point Celebrates Its 12th Birthday!

20.02.2018 0

We have a holiday today – Point celebrates its 12th Birthday! So, let’s get this party started 🙂 Neighbours, forgive us. To let others celebrate this holiday with us, we’ve …


We are now “adults”!

05.12.2017 0

Do you know whose birthday’s today? It’s “999”’s – the site turns 18 today! Would you believe! For us it’s hard to imagine Do you know how many things happened …

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Simpals turned 14 – doing great!

01.04.2016 0

Happy birthday to us, Happy birthday to us, Happy birthday … and so on 14 times, because today, April 1, is the day when the company Simpals celebrates its 14th …

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