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Iron Man- Dmitri Voloshin

05.08.2014 0

The journalist of the program Istorii Urbane visited the company Simpals and made a wonderful report about sport and life, everyday work and the tomfoolery of the Simpals staff and …


Play Us a Song, Maestro!

17.05.2014 0

Now we have a Maestro in our company!!…


Informational doping is allowed!

01.04.2013 0

The company Simpals launched a new project- a sports social network sporter.md!…

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The wedding must be perfect!

01.04.2013 0

The business incubator Simpals Garage is ready to share the fruits of its labour. We’re launching the portal marry.md. Now it’s much easier to organize an ideal wedding! The …


Startup Weekend Moldova. The 3rd edition.

20.11.2012 0

The third Startup Weekend took place from 16 to 18 November. Find out who won, what projects were presented and who was invited to the business incubator Simpals Garage.…


Totals for Simpals Garage partnership with Startup Weekend Moldova 2012

05.06.2012 0

The second Startup Weekend Moldova took place from June 1st – 3d, 2012 and brought together young professionals and novice IT entrepreneurs, sponsors with Simpals Garage as one of the …

Ticksell – the first project funded by Simpals Garage

28.02.2012 0

As part of the incubator «Simpals Garage» we have started the financing the project of online ticket sales – Ticksell.…


Today “Simpals Garage” opens its “gates”!

28.09.2011 0

«Simpals Garage» – this is a startup incubator, where people come with their ideas, and in exchange for share in the project receive investment of up to $ 40 000, …

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