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SONR, now available in 16 countries around the world

09.04.2021 0

Three years of labor. 7 prototype versions. Hundreds of tests and challenges, and the world’s smallest underwater transmitter for swimmers, coaches, triathletes and freedivers is ready to conquer the world! …


Aheel team produced a new version of the device

18.12.2020 0

Continuous testing and CustDev results have pushed Aheel to sweeping changes. It turned out that users want the device to be able to collect more information and analytics. The team …


Lobster sponsoring City League competition in Beijing

26.11.2020 0

Freediving championships are gradually coming back into the athletes’ lives, and our project Lobster Freediving Weight could not miss this event. Our project supported the City League National Pool Freediving …

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Aheel & СustDev: How to create a product that sells itself

29.10.2020 0

The Garage team continues to work hard on their new device, the Aheel runner insole. On the project page, they present a reality show in which they demonstrate all the …


Aheel project updates site and launches explainer video

26.10.2020 0

After a sharp 180-degree turn from the intended strategy of startup promotion, the Aheel team sat down to work on the mistakes. And that’s what these guys are actually doing.…

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A new “making of” from Aheel team

14.10.2020 0

Aheel team is preparing something interesting. What exactly? They will tell you and show you a bit later. Until then, we suggest you watching a piece of our “making of”. …


Aheel news: project changes its concept

07.10.2020 0

The Aheel team promised to tell the whole truth about how the startup develops and its difficulties. So, they made a big mistake. A grave mistake, and it affected the …

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Aheel project on quarantine

18.09.2020 0

Covid-19 detected in Simpals! Aheel goes to quarantine. Our founder and CEO of Aheel Dmitri Voloshin, fell sick with the coronavirus. Dmitri and his family have self-isolated at home and …


Aheel is looking for interns to join the team

11.09.2020 0

Aheel team needs help! The project is recruiting interns who can join the team and, together with us, promote the Moldovan product to the international market. In other words, Aheel …


Aheel: Follow the launch of the startup on Kickstarter in real time

09.09.2020 0

Our project Garage has launched a reality show where you can keep track of how to run a start-up and bring it to the international market. In September, the Garage …


Lobster mentioned in Red Dot Yearbook

05.08.2020 0

There are three things that you can endlessly contemplate at Simpals: fire sparkling (in employees’ eyes as they are working on new ideas), water flowing (when our office greenhouse is …


Lobster got an “Oscar” in terms of industrial design

30.06.2020 0

One of the inventions of Garage startup accelerator, the Lobster Freediving Weight, received the Red Dot Design Award, which is like an Oscar in the world of design. Can you …


April at Simpals was a month of fruitful quarantine: our updates digest

01.05.2020 0

May is coming, and with it the International Labor Day. We decided to draw a conclusion on the results obtained in April at Simpals and to tell you about the …


Meet Sonr!

09.03.2020 0

Meet Sonr – a device intended for swimmers, coaches, freedivers and triathletes, specially designed to make you a champion as soon as possible! This small device is worn on the …


Moldovan product wins international design award

06.02.2020 0

We are extremely proud that Lobster Freediving Weight was so highly rated! If we refer to the world of cinema, an Oscar for filmmakers equals to the iF Awards in …


SWM, third edition: Simpals Garage goes “hunting”

14.11.2012 0

Talented and promising, persistent and creative! Do not forget that this weekend (16-18 November) another Startup Weekend will take place. What is a startup weekend? …


Startup Weekend Moldova – less talk, more action!

11.11.2011 0

For two weeks Moldnet has been discussing an upcoming event which is so long awaited — Startup Weekend is coming to Moldova! Event will take place on 11-13 of November.…

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