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Project Babanu launched successfully

16.03.2018 0

Sometimes it happens: you work hard, all day, and suddenly meet the love of your life 🙂 At work. Among colleagues. This is what happened to two of our employees, …


Happy Mărțișor!

01.03.2018 0

It’s springtime! And if you think that Spring might suddenly forget to look at the calendar, you’re terribly wrong. We burned the effigy of Maslenitsa, ate lots of pancakes, so …

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DoubleMelon Day

25.08.2017 0

  There is a superstition that water melon cannot and should not be mixed with melon because it will result into headache, and all that. It’s a lie through teeth. …


Corporate party “Wet T-shirts”

17.07.2017 0

Having lived through the coolest and most professional relay Triathlon Triumph (the first in Moldova!), FOSFOR – the electro music fest that that has blown everyone’s minds and broken all …


Hard Rock Party

30.12.2016 0

Each person associate New Year with something bright, quiet and magical, but it’s not about us. As usual, Simpals break all the rules and stereotypes, and for this time, all …


International Accountant’s Day

13.11.2014 0

Is there a company that could do without an accountant? Of course, there isn’t. Especially Simpals.…


Hello, Halloween!

04.11.2014 0

What time of the year can you find a tombstone at your workplace? Or bump into a bat in the hall? Or get trapped in a dark office corridor together …


International Advertising Day

23.10.2014 0

On October 23, many people all over the world leave their phones and documents, tear their waybills, notebooks with creative ideas and go celebrating!…


MAFIA in the house

21.10.2014 0

As the winter is drawing inexorably nearer, we held the official opening of “warm evenings”. The first evening was dedicated to gathering by candlelight.…


Chocolate Day

11.07.2014 0

Today is the International Day of extra calories=) And we decided to celebrate it exactly this way=) In fact, today is July 11 which is World Chocolate Day=) PS: In …


Ice Day

03.07.2014 0

The best thing that helps you survive the summer heat is …ice-cream! Especially if it’s given for free=) So today is Ice Day at Simpals! …


What are we doing in the office?

22.05.2014 0

Besides exotic pets the employees of the company Simpals also have some exotic entertainment =)…


SIMPALS congratulated its customers with the Happy New Year!!!

15.01.2008 0

The Company SIMPALS congratulated its favorite customers and partners in an unusual way: giving big red bags with oranges (a special order from the Santa Claus).…

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