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Return faith to the veterans 2018

10.05.2018 0

Every year on May 9, the public organization Forum holds a major event – Wерни Wетеранам Wеру (Return faith to the veterans). This is the day when activists …


FORUM.MD celebrates its 17th birthday!

01.02.2018 0

Today is a big holiday for us: the wisest, the most talkative and the most careful project in our company, FORUM.MD, celebrates its 17th birthday! Forum is the elder …

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Iron Man- Dmitri Voloshin

05.08.2014 0

The journalist of the program Istorii Urbane visited the company Simpals and made a wonderful report about sport and life, everyday work and the tomfoolery of the Simpals staff and …


“Zebra Offline” Forum.md

17.06.2014 0

On June 15, Forum.md held the first big offline event called “Good Deeds Day: Zebra Offline”. Why is it called Good Deeds Day? Why is it striped? We shall explain …


The action “It’s dedicated to girls and boys…2014 ” – how it was?

02.06.2014 0

It became a tradition for us to go every year at 1st of June at the orphanage to congratulate kids that are deprived of parental love and warmth. This year …


Play Us a Song, Maestro!

17.05.2014 0

Now we have a Maestro in our company!!…


April 1- Simpals celebrates its birthday!

01.04.2014 0

Today the company Simpals celebrates its 12th birthday!…


Forum…The 7th edition!

28.02.2014 0

Today, on February 28, the developers of the company Simpals launched the 7th version of the website forum.md!…


«StopHam Moldova» — New Edition!

07.11.2013 0

Chisinau is the capital of the Republic of Moldova which is situated in Eastern Europe. It’s a city with a rich history.…

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“Ice and blood”. The third edition of StopHam in Moldova

30.01.2013 0

Santa Claus doesn’t come to those who park in the wrong place! Instead, these car owners are visited by the activists of the social movement “StopHam” in Moldova.…


Let’s give children the New Year – we did it!

24.12.2012 0

Our friendly company would like to thank everyone who took part in the charity event “Let’s give children the New Year”. We did it!…


Let’s give children the New Year!

14.12.2012 0

The holidays are coming…but for some people this time of the year is more difficult. Let’s restore together faith in the magic of the New Year.…


Do you need some experience?

13.12.2012 0

Last week our studio was visited by two young people: Mihaela and Daniel.…


“StopHam” in Moldova. The First Video Report

26.10.2012 0

“StopHAM” has started. And we have the first results!…


Dedicated to the boys and girls… 2012

28.05.2012 0

June 1 – International Children’s Day! Every year we congratulate the orphans from various orphanages! And 2012 won’t be an exception! Therefore, we again want to bring together caring people …


Return the faith to the veterans 2012

01.05.2012 0

Wерни Wетеранам Wеру.Return the faith to the veterans. Every year, users of FORUM.MD organize a charity event for the veterans of World War II. …

We have launched the contest of the World Football Championship 2010 on Forum.md

11.06.2010 0

For all the fans that are eagerly waiting for the matches of the World Cup 2010, we have launched a contest of forecasting games on Forum.md. …

The technical update of the servers of Yes.md and Forum.md

17.10.2006 0

Dear users of the Internet portals Forum.md and Yes.md, due to the increased traffic on our web-sites we conduct technical update of the servers. The access to the sites will …

The launch of the RSS technology

24.06.2006 0

The launch of the RSS technology on Forum.md and Yes.md. RSSis a modern technology, which allows you to publish and broadcast almost any material from any site (starting …


Forum.md – The internet project of the year

21.11.2005 0

Forum.md was named the internet project of the year in the contest “Youth in action”. …


OFFline 18 – Karaoke FORUM.MD

06.08.2005 0

We welcome on August 6 to booze at the Karaoke MuzCafe. Admission is free, custom songs – Free. We would be happy to see all of you.…


Forum.md – the internet project of the year

15.11.2004 0

Forum.md was names the internet project of the year.…


OFFline 15 – cinema-Patriot Forum.md

14.08.2004 0

On August 14, Forum goes to the night session to the Patria cinema and gives the first 20 comers FREE tickets to the movies: “Night Watch”, “From 13 to 30”, …


OFFline 14.2 – “From Dusk Till Dawn” or “The venue cannot be changed” FORUM.MD

24.07.2004 0

Where it was: The continuation of the OFFLINE 14.2 was entitled, “From Dusk Till Dawn 2”. Also, because of numerous proposals we decided to hold it at one of the …


OFFline 14 – from Dusk Till Dawn or the wet offline FORUM.MD

10.07.2004 0

Where it was: Because of numerous proposals, we decided to hold the OFFLINE 14, entitled, “From Dusk Till Dawn” at one of the most attractive clubs for recreation and entertainment…


OFFline 13 – Bowling FORUM.MD

06.06.2004 0

The official report of the bowling-offline: It was the official XIII’Th offline FORUM.MD and we spent it at the bowling club Miami. Initially, we wanted to go to the casino, …


OFFline 12.1 – Liter ball FORUM.MD

04.06.2004 0

The official report of the liter ball: Report of the liter ball championship between the participants of FORUM.MD on Friday, June 4, 2004. The venue for the championship was “Toad” …



01.05.2004 0

master: Yes, it will take place on the 1st of March. On the day of solidarity of all those who work hard on forum! It will be a “mayovka”, somewhere …


The new design of Forum.md

19.04.2004 0

April 19, 2004 – cheers to the version 4.4 – we’ve changed the design of Forum.md!…


OFFline 10 – New Year Party

28.12.2002 0

master: There is an option to spend the night in a big house with sauna and swimming pool. (28-29 December) Beer, barbecue, a guitar and a bonfire.…

The new design of the Forum

05.10.2002 0

October 5, 2012 – we have updated the look of the Forum.md, as well as expanded the opportunities of the platform! The project is developing, that’s why some changes are …


OFFline 9.9 – Wedding FORUM.MD

08.09.2002 0

On September 8, 2002, was held one of the most unusual offlines in the not so long history of the project Forum.md.…


We’ve registered the NGO – Forum

02.08.2002 0

We’ve registered the nongovernmental organization Forum! This is an excellent example of how the online space brings together users of the Internet for new, socially useful achievements in real life.…


OFFline 8 – the pirates of the XXI century FORUM.MD

28.06.2002 0

master: OFFline 8! On Friday, the 28th, at 17:00 at the Parade of beer (you know where) are gathering the pirates and sailors (dress code: vest, pipes, swords, etc.). We …


OFFline 7 – Troopers FORUM.MD

16.06.2002 0

LexX Proposal for OFFline 7 “Heavens” The name of the offline wasn’t invented yet, so, please, give variants! Idea: Let’s get together and go to Tiraspol for a parachute jump. …


OFFline 6.1 – Football FORUM.MD

09.06.2002 0

master: June 9, at the cinema “Flacara” – the match RUSSIA-JAPAN. The first 20 people will get a free ticket. The sponsors of the event – our friends – Komsomolka …


OFFline 6 – Paintball, FORUM.MD BANG-BANG!

26.05.2002 0

master: OFFline 6 Bang-Bang On May 26, will be held the 6’Th offline with the code name “Bang-Bang”. We will gather on Sunday (I will tell you later where) between …


Offline Zoo “Let’s help the zoo” – 2 FORUM.MD

09.05.2002 0

This is a support action for our Chisinau zoo which is in distress. We had contacted the administration of the zoo and found out what they need now. …

OFFline 5 – 100 000 FORUM.MD

15.03.2002 0

The “Forum.md” already withdrew a simple web-project. That’s why it is held together with “KP-Kishinev”. Recently “Forum.md” has celebrated the anniversary. However, it wasn’t a classic anniversary, because the Internet …


Offline Zoo “Let’s help the zoo” FORUM.MD

17.02.2002 0

This is a support action for our Chisinau zoo which is in distress. We had contacted the administration of the zoo and found out what they need now. …


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