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FORUM.MD celebrates its 17th birthday!

01.02.2018 0

Today is a big holiday for us: the wisest, the most talkative and the most careful project in our company, FORUM.MD, celebrates its 17th birthday! Forum is the elder …


The campaign for the Victory Day: Werni Weteranam Weru (Give Veterans Faith) – 2016

21.04.2016 0

For the peaceful sky over our heads For our happy tomorrow For the peaceful life in our Homeland Give Veterans Faith! Werni Weteranam Weru! The heroic deeds of our ancestors …


The project FORUM.MD today celebrates its 15th anniversary!

01.02.2016 0

Hide people, is going to be hot today! And all this due to the fact that our favorite project FORUM.MD today celebrates its 15th anniversary! During its long life, it …


“Let’s Return the Stadium to Moldova”

27.09.2015 0

Today, 27 September, tens of amateur sportsmen and just concerned citizens have gathered next to the Republican Stadium and have protested against the sale of the former stadium territory before …


Yellow Cab by “Chisinau Is Me”: Mateevici, 69

04.11.2014 0

Dear citizens of Chisinau! The urban project “Chisinau is Me” gathers pace! Last week we wrote that one family inspired by the project wished to remain anonymous and made a …


Return the Faith to the Veterans 2014

15.05.2014 0

This event is dedicated to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, whom we should thank for the clear blue sky above our heads!..…


«StopHam Moldova» — New Edition!

07.11.2013 0

Chisinau is the capital of the Republic of Moldova which is situated in Eastern Europe. It’s a city with a rich history.…


Public demands!

17.12.2012 0

Once upon a time in a very dark city…on a very dark street…the StopHam delegation was giving an interview to Publika TV channel.…


June 1, 2011 "Dedicated to boys and girls" FORUM.MD

01.06.2011 0

June 1 – International Children’s Day! Continuing the annual campaign, dedicated to this holiday, we again want to gather caring people who want to give a piece of their heat …


June 1 "Dedicated to boys and girls…" 2009 – FORUM.MD

01.06.2009 0

June 1 – International Children’s Day! On this day, adults try to pay more attention to their children, to create a little holiday for them. But there are children who …


OFFline 24 – People of the FORUM, unite yourselves! FORUM.MD

01.09.2006 0

I. Introduction September 1 – Knowledge Day in our country. On this day we decided to please the guys who are studying in a boarding school for children with mental …



21.07.2006 0

Summer, a pool with cool water and offline… What could be better? Once again, the brilliant idea to spend offline of the Forum at the pool was supported by more …


OFFLINE 22 «Dedicated to the boys and girls…» FORUM.MD

01.06.2006 0

I. introduction June 1. Dedicated to the boys and girls… UNESCO dedicated June 1 to the children, calling it the World Children’s Day. On this day, adults try to pay …


OFFline 20 – New Year Party! FORUM.MD

28.12.2005 0

Towards the main party of 2005 YEAR! Happy New Year to all you…   It was a memorable offline: Vodka flowed like champagne. Almost William Evarts…


OFFline 19 – American Football FORUM.MD

15.10.2005 0

“Professional American football is like a nuclear war. There are no winners. Only survivors”. Bob Hop…



06.08.2005 0

OFFLINE-18 “KARAOKE OFFLINE”   “Quiet around, just the badger is not sleeping. He hung his ears on a branch and is quietly dancing around”. Song from the movie “Office Romance”.…

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