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новый горизонт

The “New Horizon” is conquered!

28.04.2015 0

Our Dji participates not only at sport marathons (he participated in two already!), but at the festival marathons, as well. This time Dji participated at the International festival of short …


First Place Again!

18.11.2014 0

The animated film “Dji. Death Fails” won again! The organizers of the online competition VOTD.tv, who invited Simpals Animation Studio to submit their film, announced voting results.…


Fantastic victory!

22.10.2014 0

So, despite the fact that the animated film “Dji. Death Fails” has been participating in different festivals for over a year, it doesn’t lose its relevance. And here’s another festival…and …


Would you like a glass of Hungarian wine?

03.05.2014 0

“On The Road” Festival held in Hungary is an online festival. In other words, everyone who had Internet access could watch shortlisted films including our animated film “Dji. Death Fails”.…

Снимок экрана 2014-05-14 в 12.27.23

Another Win

23.04.2014 0

Very soon Simpals animation studio is planning to release the next short animated film about an unlucky death named Dji. …


International Short Film Festival in Croatia- FIFES

15.04.2014 0

Have you ever been to Croatia? People say that it’s a beautiful country!…


Dji at the Erotic Festival “G-Spot”

01.04.2014 0

Dji became the winner of the erotic film festival “G-spot”.…


Film Critics Award from the U.S.

01.03.2014 0

It’s our hint at the Academy Award=)…

tissf_awards_2013_36_Dmitri Voloshin ω_ύ___ωΊ_

Victory= Victories

22.11.2013 0

We’ve had so many victories that we decided to share the good news by “wholesale” =)…


Hello, May I Apply For a Visa?

30.09.2013 0

The list of festivals that accepted our film for screening has been updated. We were invited to a few more animation festivals. So now we need to hurry up and …


The Victory at the Festival!

13.08.2013 0

«Dji. Death fails » has won the Best Film award in the international category! Yes, we became the winners of the short film festival SHORTini! …


Promo.md at the international conference "Internet Business’ 2008"

19.09.2008 0

On September 19, 2008 in Kiev, was held the VIII International Conference “International Business” 2008″. The main topic: “Internet advertising – a new round of development of the business.”…


Cronograf 2006 — 1st place in the category «Best infomercial»

03.06.2006 0

The commercial «Rock Festival Stary Melnik», made by our company, took the 1st place in the category «Best infomercial» at the International Documentary Film Festival CRONOGRAF — 2006.…


Simpals at the Web Top 2005

02.02.2006 0

At the annual competition “WebTop 2005”, the Company “Simpals” took the second place for the site yes.md. And the third place for the websites 999.md and gsm.md. …


Forum.md – The internet project of the year

21.11.2005 0

Forum.md was named the internet project of the year in the contest “Youth in action”. …


Forum.md – the internet project of the year

15.11.2004 0

Forum.md was names the internet project of the year.…


Cronograf 2004

01.05.2004 0

At the International Documentary Film Festival — Cronograf 2004, the Simpals Company was awarded with a second-degree diploma for the clip, made for the O-Zone band — «Ma innec in …


Cannes Lions in Moldova

17.12.2003 0

At the festival Cannes Lions in Moldova 2003, the Simpals Company won the award for the best computer graphics in advertising for “RISCOM ISP”.…

Web Top -2003

27.11.2003 0

Our company got two diplomas for the economic site development at the Web Top 2003 contest. For the 999.md site. And for the joblist.md site.…


Cannes Lions in Moldova 2002

20.12.2002 0

At the festival “Cannes Lions 2002 in Moldova”, the Company “Simpals” won the Grand Prix for the social movie “The best city in the best country” dedicated to Chisinau.…


Webtop 2002 – first place in the category web design (www.vitanta.md)

11.12.2002 0

WebTop– an annual prize which is awarded to the best websites made in Moldova and for Moldova.…


Moldovanin.com – first prize at the Web-top 2001 contest in the web design category

23.12.2001 0

On the 23rd of December 2001 our site moldovanin.md took the first place at the Web-top 2001 contest in the web design category. Web-top is the annual award, which is …

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