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Making of “Dji. Death Sails” – Part Three

09.02.2015 0

Visualization To achieve greater flexibility at the stage of visualization, we had to use additional passes: Point Position Pass, Normals Pass (to highlight the top or bottom side of the …


The premiere of our new animation film “Dji death Sails”!

30.12.2014 0

  Merry Christmas everybody and have a Happy New Year with a box full of presents! Here is our present for you. We launched the second short animated film about …


What is the most important thing in animated movies?

06.07.2014 0

The animated film Dji. Death Failsreceived the award for Best Music! …


People of the Earth! Let the magic begin!

01.07.2014 0

While we’re finishing the second series of the animated film, Dji continues to win awards at international festivals.…


It’s Fantastic!!

28.05.2014 0

We’ve got good news again! Not long ago our animated film Dji. Death Fails travelled to the USA to be presented at MisCon Short Film Festival.…

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