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Project 999.md turned 21 years!

05.12.2020 0

Today 999.md is celebrating the 21st birthday! The age of consent, right? And all this time, 999 has been assisting you in your sales and purchases. 21 years of 24/7 …


999.md updated the mobile app interface

06.11.2020 0

Now the 999.md application features a new navigation bar at the bottom of the screen where the main menu items are displayed:  “Home” – press once to get back to …


New feature “Drafts” available on 999.md

27.10.2020 0

A new feature “Drafts” is now available to 999.md users. This means that the site can store the data for an advertisement that you haven’t managed to publish. If you’re …


July updates for 999.md: in-app video calls and online bidding

27.07.2020 0

The “999” team had a very fruitful July. Simultaneously, two important updates were released – free video calls from the iOS and Android application, as well as the ability to …


999.md launches the “Mutual aid in quarantine” subcategory

16.04.2020 0

We all know that in these days, we need more solidarity, empathy and goodwill, therefore, 999.md created a special subcategory, which is dedicated to all people who need help or …


999 and Joblist launched a free urgent recruiting service during the pandemic

08.04.2020 0

999.md and Joblist.md launched a new block for all who are in search of temporary employees  during the quarantine period — #STAIACASĂ Urgent vacancies. The new block was created to …


999 help doctors find lodging near work

06.04.2020 0

On 999.md website there is now an opportunity to rent housing out to doctors near their work. These days, doctors are at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19! Thousands …


Meet the 999 Master!

29.12.2017 0

Gifts-gifties-presents!! 🙂 On Christmas Eve we’re ready to present you the project that took us quite a while to work on – Master! It’s a review service that helps you …


At 999.md you can find anything!

06.12.2017 0

Yesterday “999” project celebrated its 18th anniversary. The logo has changed while the products assortment stayed unchanged. 😀 PS: Pe 999.md avem de tăti (At 999.md you can find anything) …


We are now “adults”!

05.12.2017 0

Do you know whose birthday’s today? It’s “999”’s – the site turns 18 today! Would you believe! For us it’s hard to imagine Do you know how many things happened …


Cute New Year postcards from 999

23.12.2016 0

New Year Eve is the time when you want to tell nice things to your friends and family, to tell about your feelings to people you love and just to …

Снимок экрана 2019-07-09 в 11.55.54

The monument to Moldovan coin was set in Chisinau

14.10.2016 0

On the eve of the City Holiday, a new art object created by Chisinau is ME appeared in Chisinau. This time, the artists decided not to refresh the old ordinary …


New section 999 “New constructions”

28.06.2016 0

  Today in Moldova, you may buy apartments in new buildings at a price of 7507 euros to 270000 euros. Viewing the entire range of apartments in new buildings under …


Frontend Conf

31.05.2016 0

The employees of our company are not only great athletes and artists. We also have some of the coolest programmers, who put up such projects, as 999.md, point.md, sporter.md, joblist.md, …


“Verified Account” on 999

25.04.2016 0

We have launched a new service, which is an important step towards increased security of transactions on 999.md – “Verified Account”. What is a “verified account”? Verified account is the …


Our new record – more than 100 000 items in the catalog!

18.03.2016 0

Dear friends! Great news: our site contains more than 100 000 offers! All products are allocated in 15 broad categories, covering all that you might need every day. Now, you …


We are 200 000!

15.03.2016 0

We want to share the great news! 999.md was visited by more than 200 000 unique users per day. The previous record of 189 001 visitors, which was reached on …


Updating mobile version of 999

26.02.2016 0

Hey! We improved the mobile version of 999.md! The update turned so simple and plain that everyone may easily understand it. Now the mobile version is as close as possible …


Currency converter in the advertisement

05.02.2016 0

Hello, dear friends! We are glad to announce great news: the price in the ads is from now on displayed in three currencies! Now, near the value of the goods …


999 search has become even wiser

28.01.2016 0

Great news! Now you can hide repetitive ads. We want to thank you, our users, for not remaining indifferent, for sending us emails with feedbacks about the site and helping …


999.md of the new generation

13.11.2014 0

We are happy to announce that we’re launching a completely new version of the 999.md website. You will see “999” of the new generation!…


Improvement of 999.md

25.10.2012 0

Due to fast-growing popularity our 999.md couldn’t sustain the pressure. But don’t panic! We’re fixing it. …


999.md – one hundred thousand visitors a day!

11.01.2012 0

Remember the date of January 9, 2012. This is the day when was recorded the maximum attendance in the Moldovan segment of Internet. Simply put, on January 9, the site …

Untitled-1 copy

Online Shop 999: The range of products increases from 7,000 to 10,000 units

15.03.2011 0

The collaborators of the online store Shop 999 aim to provide the widest range of products for their customers. …

We’ve launched the online store 999

15.12.2009 0

  The online store “999” is a new project of 999.md. Now we propose to expand your opportunities on the internet – to shop from the comfort of home. We …


Receiving of ads via MMS to 999.md and in newspaper

27.11.2007 0

On November 27, 2007 the company Simpals in partnership with ORANGE introduced a new service – receiving ads via MMS.…


We’ve launched the new version of 999.md

09.11.2006 0

November 9, 2006 – we’ve launched the new version of the bulletin board 999.md! …

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