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Votum.md completes the poll on the second round of elections in Moldova

10.11.2020 0

The independent sociological polls project Votum.md has completed research on the 2020 presidential elections in Moldova. Over 7 days of voting, more than 22,500 people took part in the poll.…


999.md updated the mobile app interface

06.11.2020 0

Now the 999.md application features a new navigation bar at the bottom of the screen where the main menu items are displayed:  “Home” – press once to get back to …


Second round of the poll on Votum.md got over 15,000 votes in 2 days

05.11.2020 0

On November 3, our independent sociological polls project Votum.md launched an online poll for the second round of the presidential elections in Moldova. So far, over 15,000 users have voted …


Voting on Votum.md totals over 25,000 participants

27.10.2020 0

The sociological survey on the 2020 presidential elections in Moldova on Votum.md has ended, and the project has made the totals of the virtual electoral pool. In 18 days, the …


15,000 people voted on Votum.md in three days

12.10.2020 0

The online poll on the 2020 presidential election on Votum.md is gaining momentum. 15,000 people managed to vote in the first three days after the launch of voting on the …


Point.md no longer has Karma restrictions

17.09.2020 0

After numerous polls and responses from Point.md users, we decided to quit the system of restrictions on the site as part of the “Karma”. Karma was designed to draw users’ …


Aheel: Follow the launch of the startup on Kickstarter in real time

09.09.2020 0

Our project Garage has launched a reality show where you can keep track of how to run a start-up and bring it to the international market. In September, the Garage …


Sporter is opening the season of medals in Moldova

03.07.2020 0

Sporter team is launching a new project — RUNdemia Online Marathon! There’s no denying that the pandemic deranged all the plans for playing sports in 2020. But we did not …


#Neampornit: Map.md helps to develop domestic tourism in Moldova

25.06.2020 0

A new category – #Neampornit, has appeared on Map.md. With it, you can travel, find new tourist places and add places of your own. Moldova has everything for traveling: beautiful …


Roman Stirbu spoke at “Opportunities for e-commerce in a post-pandemic world” webinar

27.05.2020 0

Not just the appearance and habits of Moldova inhabitants are affected by the pandemic. So is the way business will develop in the new environment and what business people in …


Video conferencing – new features of the Studii.md platform

08.05.2020 0

The Studii.md platform now offers the possibility to create video conferences directly on the lesson page. Teachers can now conduct real-time online classes. To start the video lesson, the teacher …

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