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The psychological assistance program “I choose to feel good”, available on Studii.md

29.05.2020 0

Recordings of psychological assistance and support courses under the state program programs within the psychological assistance program “I choose to feel good” are available on the Studii.md website. The courses …


Educatie Online video lessons available on Studii.md

22.05.2020 0

Educational videos from various educational projects in Moldova, including the Educatie Online project, are available for teachers and students on the Studii.md platform. Educatie Online is a digital library created …

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Studii.md has launched online courses for students

09.04.2020 0

Studii.md has launched a platform comprising free online courses in main school subjects and lessons for students who are preparing for the Baccalaureate exams. On cursuri.studii.md, you can find …

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