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Simpals antifragile presentation

11.05.2020 0

Why we all live in the forest now, why create unrealistic tasks and what the antifragility in our team looks like, Dmitri Voloshin talks about all this. Watch a presentation …


Team training: Growth Hacking at Simpals or how to hack the project growth

04.05.2020 0

While in quarantine, we shouldn’t forget about training. It’s the period when you can find growth aspects for yourself and for your project. Therefore, we continue sharing our pre-quarantine Simpals…


Shop.price.md helped open for free 40 online shops during 2 weeks

07.04.2020 0

Over 40 Moldovan companies accepted the shop.price.md offer and opened for free their online shops during the last 2 weeks, since the launch of the campaign. After the imposition of …

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