“Sporter Weekend – 2″ or How we swam!

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On the 14th of July on the territory of the Ghidighici Reservoir (and namely the yacht club) we organized a wonderful holiday- the second Sporter Weekend.

What did we do? Well, we were swimming, splashing each other with water and competing.

Who joined us? More than 50 crazy professional and amateur swimmers, ready to cross the Ghidighici Reservoir (the distance of 1700 meters).

More than that! We did it!

The fastest athletes in the professional category were Alexei Sanicov with the result of 22’02” and Anna Semiruncic with the result of 23’27”. The leaders of the amateur category were Eugen Cebanica with the result of 28’37” and Valentina Semiruncic with the result of 36’23”.

We congratulated all the participants, gave the awards and then everyone could enjoy delicious Turkmen pilaf! As you know, fresh air together with exercise and a long wait for the champions stimulate appetite! In general, everything was just great! We’re looking forward to the next Sporter Weekends. What sport will be chosen for the next weekend, you’ll find out very soon. Read sporter.md. Be a sporter!

You can find the photos here and here.

PS: According to some avid athletes and sports fans, we broke the republican record for the largest mass swim:) We’re glad to hear it!

PPS: The participants of Sporter Weekend expressed the following opinions: “There should be more events like this!!”, “I will definitely come again next year”, “When will the next event take place?” and “What are we going to do?”.
So, get ready, this month will fly by very quickly!

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