Sport is Life! “Sneakers” are the Art-object!
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20 August 2015


On the 14th of August the creative team of the art-project Chisinau is Me has finished creation of its 11th and most massive project.

Summer has been approaching to the end, it means that less time is left for creation. Without thinking twice the creative team of Chisinau is Me has decided to realize its greatest idea – the art-object named “Sneakers”! Today, on the 14th of August, the guys have finished working over their 11th object which became not only the biggest but the most “healthy” of all: “The point is that the healthy way of life is one of the main topics actual in our country today and we just could not keep out of it!” – told the artists to press.

Well,  the “Sneakers” can be seen but they cannot be fitted on by the address: 68, Bucuresti str., vis-à-vis to the restaurant Eli Pili.

The team of Chisinau is Me thanks Caparol company for fruitful and colorful cooperation!

And here’s the video report:

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