A visit to Simpals Studio – a short trip into the world of the future
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30 October 2019

We all know how quickly children grow and how their interests change from generation to generation. More recently, children were looking forward to the weekend to watch some cartoons for 20 minutes on one of the three available television channels. Children today are interested in much deeper subjects though.


They want to know a little more, for example, WHAT is behind these colorful and fascinating images, HOW are their favorite characters born, WHO is writing the scripts? Why? How many? How long? In other words, modern children do not just want to watch stories, they want to be part of them, understand them in detail, and, why not, create them.



And when it comes to curiosity, creativity, discoveries and inventions, then Simpals is the right place. Today a whole army of curious children paid us a visit. They carefully examined every corner, and then quickly climbed to the very floor where the magic happens. What discoveries awaited them in the world of animation? Look closely at these enthusiastic faces and you will understand everything yourself:






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