Simpals – The best!

16.12.2016 tagged as


Dear friends, do you wanna know a good news? We are the best, according to the MBPA (Business People Association of Moldova). We were sure about it, but now we are the „Company of the year”.

Simpals team was awarded at MBPA Gala 2016, where were designated leading companies from the middle business. The winners were designated in five categories: turnover, number of employees, investment, profit and export. But we, according to the MBPA, this year demonstrated the highest performance, taking into account all parameters. Do you understand what it means? That we are the coolest and we proved it once again!

Thanks to our IT projects, 3D animation, sport events, biggest ads site – and a lot of other ideas that we made come true we achieved success. Thanks to you, everybody that was involved in our projects, that are giving life to every idea, we became the best. A big Thank you and we hope that you will support us forwards!


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