«Simpals Garage» – Сrash Test N.2

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Last Saturday, January 14, in keeping with the highest traditions of Simpals took place the second Crash Test of the startup incubator “Simpals Garage”.

This time during the Crash Test three projects were presented, two of them representing the area of online services and one project – the field of Internet commerce. Each project was studied in detail after which the mentors gave the startuppers a number of recommendations and suggestions how to improve their projects.

Summarizing the results, the mentors have chosen two projects. The teams will continue working on them inside the incubator. They will settle in the garage this week and will start work upon their projects under the supervision and with the support of the mentors of “Simpals Garage”.

Another news was that the team of “Simpals Garage” mentors was replenished. Tudor Darie, new-media entrepreneur in Moldova, has become a new mentor and will make every effort to attract the most valuable people to the startupper teams and to turn their enthusiasm into money.

Analyzing the results of the second Crash Test, Tudor noted that the two selected projects can be implemented in the shortest time possible. Besides, they embrace free market niches and have a good potential to turn into a sustainable business within a year.

“The market niche of online ticket sales is free. If the author of this business idea keeps in mind the mentor’s advice, the process of selling tickets will be simplified and will require minimal investment for maximum profit. This business idea has its own features- it will be able to grow proportionally with the amount of smartphones imported into our country. The second project makes it easier to find a taxi nearby and gives the client the possibility to communicate directly with a taxi driver. If the inspirer of the project will assemble a team of professional programmers and will be the first to release the product to the market, the service of online taxi orders will become truly successful”,- said Tudor Darie.

In the next post you’ll find more details about the selected projects and the teams which will be engaged in their implementation, so stay with us!




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