«Simpals Garage» – Сrash Test №1

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Last Saturday, October 9, in one of the city’s restaurants, took place the first startup Crash Test within the «Simpals Garage» project.

There were presented three projects: two in the field of Internet commerce(online store, software), and one project was based on video-streaming.
Interesting idea, creative approach to the implementation of startup and detailed presentation were the main ingredients of the each presented project. For each project, mentors «Simpals Garage» made several recommendations and proposals regarding the startups’ optimisation and adaptation to the local market. In addition, startappers were offered to be consulted by the specialists of the «Simpals» company and helped with the projects’ modifications.
However, none of the projects found an 100% approval from mentors. This means that places, for the residents, in «Simpals Garage» are still free.

Dmitri Voloshin, initiator of the «Simpals Garage», has a few tips for the applicants: «Firstly, prepare well for the presentation — get the visual material, clearly and firmly speak about your project. Secondly, you have to explain and provide examples of the ways of monetization, how will you earn money. Thirdly, you must know how much money do you need and on what will be money spent. And in the end, you must have a clear vision, in mind and on the paper, of your future plans.»

But what the participants say about the first Crash Test:

Traian Ciobanu, project “ProgrameInChirie”: «Crash Test took place in a pleasant atmosphere. Mentors showed professionalism and a big desire to help startuppers and direct them in the right way.»

Dumitru Lungu, project “LiveCity”: “The first impressions about the Crash Test are very positive. The most important thing is that you ara being listened by the people with a great experience in the field. Before you start a project, you might want to know the opinion of specialists in this area, discuss with other people to see different opinions and ideas. At the Crash Test you should come with a pen and notepad to write down all the questions and ideas. And believe me, there will be a lot of them.”

Albert Palancher, project «Caramba»:
«In fact, in our project were questions that we had no answer. I am grateful for the advice mentors gave us, opened our eyes to some things and suggested where to find out the answers. The event was great, we all enjoyed it. Thanks again for launching the «Simpals Garage» project.»

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