Simpals’ Dirty Party

14.09.2018 tagged as

What to do, if the Chisinau Marathon, the largest event of this autumn is drawing nearer, and half of the staff run more slowly than the Galapagos Torrtoise? That’s right, you need to cheer them up and unite them before such an important event! 🙂

And how to do it? Very simple: divide them into teams, and invite the defeated team to do full body hair removal (strong motivation, you know) :)

Our Dirty Friday team building was possible thanks to the guys from Urban Center Chisinau. They prepared us contests where we could only rely on the team and could work together. Running, mud, sweat, emotions, obstacles, strategies and tactics, sports anger and wild adrenaline – it was almost like the Glodiator Mud Race ;)

In the final test, the Simpals team proved that even a mud pool doesn’t tarnish the friendship and team spirit :)

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