Pysanka, krapanka, drapanka, krashanka! If you thought these were the notes of a mad artist, you’re wrong. These are types of decorated Easter eggs in Ukrainian tradition. How do we know this? Our handy and witty craft artists attended a painting workshop, and since Easter was coming, they painted eggs.

As it turned out, in this case the most important thing is to dot the “i”. And dots should be even, of the same size and preferably plump, like beads.

And what did you manage to do, you will ask. Simpals employees have creativity and artwork in their blood, so no one was surprised to see, instead of traditional Easter motifs, something unimaginably beautiful and original, worthy of rare and unique things exhibitions.

And now, when all have trained enough, we can take up the artistic decoration of real eggs. It seems that Simpals employees will have a very colorful Easter!

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