Personal Development Plan

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If your world has accelerated just like ours over the past two years, you will understand exactly what we mean. The stability that we knew has changed 🙂 Over the last year and a half, only… the changes have remained stable.

There is no day without progress at Simpals. We know for sure that if we stop in self-development even for a moment, tomorrow we won’t be able to keep up with our accelerated world! But if the speed of growth equals the speed of change, you start to see the world completely differently. And then there is a real addiction – you accelerate and get so high that you no longer want to stop.

Changes and improvements become your faithful companions on the way to a better version of yourself.

If these words made you immediately realize what to do next, you should know that you are a happy person! Congratulations! And within the company we often (and delightedly) change the development direction – it depends on what we are concerned about and what the market needs. So to speak, we try to combine the pleasant and the useful.

And in order to correctly understand in which direction to move forward, to create clear and easy-to-understand training objectives, to choose a competent base of new knowledge, we draw up a Personal Development Plan (PDP) with each employee.

Yes, the HR dep has a lot of work to do 😄

And today we’d like to congratulate the B2B Sales department, who have already received their development plans and are ready to keep up with the world! 😄 Forward to the stars!






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