Our city was visited by more than a million travelers
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23 May 2006

Dear residents,

We can proudly affirm to all that the tourism in our city is developing at full speed.

During the year, we attracted more than one million travelers according to the statistics system of SPYLOG.RU.

Many of the travelers were enchanted by the beauty of our city, and they were left to live with us. Monthly growth rate of our population is more than 1,500 residents.

Our city Yes.md is the most beautiful city on earth!

We are pleased that since the start of the project Yes.md in 2004, we were able to win the sympathy of Internet users in Moldova, as well as to prove that the Moldovan specialists in IT technologies have the skills that are necessary for the creation and development of nonstandard online projects. However, the most valuable thing we have our Yes-residents.

Yes.md is an unparalleled site of Moldnet and has good potential for growth. 1,000,000 visitors is not a barrier. So let’s build and develop our city together!

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