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29 November 2007

The mission of ORANGE in Moldova is to expand the opportunities provided by mobile telephony, so that the communication to become more intense and diverse.

This mission is realized according to the rules of the market, with a benefit both for the operator and for the customer.

According to the latest data of NARTI, ORANGE Company contributed to the expansion of mobile phone users in Moldova by 80% or 250,000 new customers in 2007.

At this point, the family ORANGE has more than 1 million 190,000 customers.

According to the company’s own data, the use of services increased by:

80% – voice calls

120% – SMS messages

147% – MMS messages

176% – use of the Internet

This explosion of mobile communication, which has been registered for less than one year, can be explained by the fact that the company is constantly analyzing its activity and expanding its network, its quality and the performance of work, which is constantly maintained by the technical department.

A certain role was played by the launch of innovative services such as mobile TV on, IMO. This list will soon be updated with new, no less interesting services.

According to the internal statistics of the company, multimedia services are in increasing demand in Moldova. Some indicators are progressing at a rate that is higher even than in some European countries.

SMS messages

The communication via short message has reached a peak. Today, 83% of customers use SMS messages in mobile communication. Each user sends a monthly average of 40 messages, or two times more than in the same period of the last year.


40% of our customers use the mobile Internet, which is 60% more than last year.

This service is one of the most attractive for young people, especially for the customers of PrePay Juno.

Thus, the number of users of multimedia services is growing due to the fact that they are becoming more and more interesting, and the prices – more attractive.

The services that are launched today, will make a revolution on the Moldovan multimedia market.

ORANGE launches ORANGE Blog, a new form of mobile communication for all citizens of Moldova – a modern, accessible and interesting one.

With ORANGE Blog all clients and their families, as from Moldova and from abroad, will be able to publish and discuss their photos, share their experiences and feelings, to express an opinion on the various situations they face daily.

The new planet of communication is available via MMS, SMS, WEB and Internet.

Where ORANGE Blog did came from?

The word blog comes from the English language and is an abbreviation of two words web-log, which means personal diary, published on the Internet.

We can say that the blog in the same time with internet. Abroad, people had started to talk about the Blog in early 1998. Blogging is a very popular phenomenon especially in the USA and in France. In France, the number of blogs is about five million, which is a world record, if we compare it with the number to the population. The launch of the Orange Blog in Moldova is based on a successful launch of mobile blogging in France.

The service is simple and very attractive. In order to create a blog on the WEB or WAP, containing space for communication and a photo album, you need just to send MMS to a number. WEB URL address can be obtained through SMS messages. The user can visit his blog on Orange World (, the section Enjoy or on

A good example of the apparition of the Blog is the Forbes magazine. On the web page are published the best Blogs on different topics: politics, technology, economy, health care, war, celebrity, movies, etc. Thus, the blog is a personal brand, brought to the world level.

The mobile TV already has its fans in Moldova

In April of this year, for first time ORANGE has launched the mobile TV service. In the first phase this service has allowed you to watch 4 TV channels, but beginning with December 2007, this list will be considerably increased.

Mobile TV is a charming service provided ORANGE Moldova. The launch of this service is based on the successes achieved by ORANGE, especially in France, where the number of users is more than 250 thousand.

SMS Market and

For the past a year and a half, our customers can publish their ads via SMS.

Starting from November 27, this service becomes even better. Now, customers can send and photos of the product via MMS.

In order to publish your ad with the photo, send a SMS and a MMS to the number 0990. The price for one short message is $ 0.68 and $ 1.5 for MMS.

Personal video and free content on ORANGE World

Mobile content – pictures, ringtones, animations, which personalize the mobile phone, as well as games, are in great demand.

For this proposal to become more diverse, beginning from 27 November ORANGE offers in a separate unit advanced mobile content that can be downloaded for free. is one of the most popular sites that was designed by the Simpals Company.

This site allows users to publish and view short films on the Internet. This service was launched in spring. In summer, ORANGE in partnership with Simpals has organized the live broadcast from the mega-concert Orange Open Air. Starting from November 27, the service of the spread of personal video is available also on ORANGE World.

High speed Internet, no matter where you are.

The users of multimedia services have one big advantage. EDGE has national coverage and allows you to enjoy high-speed Internet at 236 Mb and watch TV on your mobile anywhere in the country, where there is the coverage of ORANGE.

This is very important especially for maintaining professional contacts with partners and customers. This service is convenient not only for work, it is also entertaining.

And beginning with November 27, it becomes more interesting for the customers.

Mobile Internet is becoming more accessible

Starting from November 27, the rates for mobile Internet are reduced by 20%, and the options of IMO had been expanded and include more Mb for the same price. As well, there are two new options of IMO – 300Mb and 500Mb.

In order to discover the possibilities IMO, starting from November 27, you can use the package ORANGE World. Now, customers will be able to use any service of multimedia or all services in one package. For $1 the customer gets 20 SMS, 10 MMS and 4 Mb, for $3 – 100/50/15Mb and for $5 – 200/100/30Mb.

Your business is developing no matter where you are

From November 27, 2007 for all business customers who wish to use the Internet outside the office, we’ve developed a new permanent offer Business Everywhere. Every corporate client can buy a mobile date card (modem) with a discount of 20% until 31 January.

Using these cards and the new options of IMO, the customers will have access to the Internet on the price that has been decreased to $ 0.13/MB.

With this favorable offer life and business are becoming closer, and business cooperation is developing.

Business Everywhere:

MMS for the price of SMS


In the period from November 27 to December 27, all the customers of ORANGE and the PrePay users will have the opportunity to send national and international MMS messages for the price of one SMS. Thus, the price of one SMS is reduced by more than 60%.

This will allow customers to discover new opportunities for communication via MMS as with friends from Moldova as well as from abroad:

Romania – Mobile operator ORANGE

Ukraine – mobile operator Kievstar

Italy – Mobile operator TIM

Portugal – mobile operator Optimus

Slovakia – Mobile operator O2

Czech Republic – Mobile operator O2

Now is even easier to set your phone

At first glance, to send MMS messages or to use the Internet is a complex task. But with ORANGE it is rather simple. You only need to send a SMS to a number. The message should contain the first three letters of the phone brand and model number. For example, NOK 2630 for NOKIA 2630.

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