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15 March 2002

The “” already withdrew a simple web-project. That’s why it is held together with “KP-Kishinev”. Recently “” has celebrated the anniversary. However, it wasn’t a classic anniversary, because the Internet has its own features. The real-life meeting of the site’s virtual visitors was dedicated to the one hundred thousandth reply on “”.

That’s why we named the event “OFFline 100 000”. The venue was at the “Chin-Chin” café from the Telecenter. The time was set – Friday, 15th of March, at 18 o’clock. We prepared the prizes for the most active “Komsomolka’s” “” users and arrived right on time. But maybe it was in vain: the most of forum people were late. We had to wait till seven. However, the wait was brightened by the plenty of beer provided by the event sponsors. At last, by seven o’clock, when somebody had already warmed up, the event started.

Surprisingly, we had the honor to start the event. The awarding started after a brief. Two tickets to “Baltica” club came to the pretty woman who has a nickname “Trish”. Two tickets to “Lukoil” cinema went to mister AGG. Also, the “KP-Kishinev” journalists presented a pen to each winner. For some reason, every pen fell on the floor each time when it was passed. But none of them has broken. It was an opportunity to tell that the pens are of a German quality. After the applauses, we had to award the next one. Naburus was the next lucky one. Once he claimed us for “yellowness”. So, for the reason of his “love for yellowness and edition support” Naburus got two tickets to “Patria” cinema and, of course, a pen.

The special prize from “KP-Kishinev” went to that one visitor, who wrote the one hundred thousandth reply. That was RMK. He got a branded cap, a pen and a half-year subscription for “KP”.

Thereon the awarding should be finished. There are surprises where is the “Komsomolka”. A branded “KP” cap went to Master. He’s the one, who is responsible for event and promotion organization, but also for the “” managing. The two ones who didn’t come – Toni and Vladys – got each a balloon from “KP”. The prizes are waiting them at our editorial office.

Thereafter began the unofficial part of the event. The beer wasn’t running out. Some more alcohol appeared from somewhere. Our journalists noticed a “hora” from the center of the room. Later they joined that “hora”. Despite that the people on the forum often break into interest groups, they held all together the communication at the real-life meeting. The people donated funds to the zoo of Chisinau (this is a one of projects of “”, which also is mentioned in the “Komsomolka”).

Maybe it will sound trivially, but everything was awesome.

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