New Year gifts

29.12.2017 tagged as , ,

The best gift is the one made with your own hands and your own brains. And also with your heart and your co-workers (ho-ho-ho). It’s a joke, yeah. As a rule, every year we try to come up with something spiritual and simple for our friends-partners. And this year we presented nice sets of postcards related to our projects (there are over 20 already!), combined them under a common beautiful idea-thoughts and placed them in the right order in a lovely box.

Two friends – Yolk and Glair – will surely celebrate the new year 2018 together, if you connect all the cards with a single element – a garland 🙂 And everything you read and see while you collect our simple puzzle can be used as a theme for perfect toasts around the New Year table.

Thank you all for everything that happened this year. May there be happiness in the coming year 2018!



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