Chisinau Is ME: Boy with a dog
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9 June 2016

Dear friends, summer will come in two weeks. This means that the vacation, great mood, biking, swimming in the river and meeting up with friends is not far off. This mood, floating in the air, like poplar fluff, was caught by the social urban art project “Chisinau Is ME”, and it was decided to express it in another art object.

Artists of the project closely examined one of the ventilation ducts in Buiucani sector, at 5/1 Onisifor Ghibu str., and realized that this is where they can tell everyone about the summer. They saw that someone forgot to finish drawing a tennis racket. And the racket must have an owner. And who would it be, if not a boy with a dog, who are going to play badminton, and invite all passers-by to join the game.

Chisinau Is ME expresses special gratitude to Caparol Company for kindly providing the paint.




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