International Gentleman’s Day!


Ladies and gentlemen! We are glad to communicate you the all-fair news! Since we, ladies, were only recently allowed to vote, our united petticoat council agreed to designate the day of 23 February as International Gentleman’s Day!!


Do you know why? Because it is high time to note the fact that there are so many gorgeous men beside us! So gallant, polite, calm, patient, kind, generous, intelligent, caring, strong, brave, courageous, loving and fair. And since the number of gentlemen in our company has exceeded (for a while now!) the critical figure of 100 people, then it’s time to introduce such a wonderful tradition – to congratulate our gentlemen on their holiday!

And you know what? Despite the fact that we have (recently!) got so much power in our hands, we’ll never be able to properly use it 🙂 By „properly” we mean just as wisely and prudently as you would! Making the right decisions, weighing and thinking things over, turning off emotions when they shouldn’t be there, focusing on the main thing, thinking many moves ahead, planning and correctly distributing resources, time and effort, keeping promises, because the main rule of any gentleman is – said and done!


Dear gentlemen! Maybe it is not customary to express emotions in public in a well-educated and restrained society such as yours. But for these stupid and impetuous acts, you always have us – your ladies 🙂 Therefore open the champagne and pour it into glasses!! 🙂 Happy Gentleman’s Day, dear!! Thank you for existing 🙂 You are perfect



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