Internet Shop 999: Appears the Credit Section
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15 January 2011

The online store Shop 999 launches credit department! This will allow us to serve our customers more efficient in terms of credit, as well as to optimize the procedure for issuing a loan.

Now, in order to get a loan, you do not have to look for a suitable bank to collect the necessary papers to stand in queue, etc. Credit department of the store Shop 999 makes life easy for the loan applicants.

All you need is to choose a product in one of the categories of on-line store Shop 999, click “get credit” and fill in the application for funding, which will appear in a new window.


The funding request includes the following required fields:

– The data of the applicant.

– Information about the work.

– Information about the personal property.

– Contact person (you can’t specify yourself).

To ensure that your application will been considered you need to send a copy of your identity card by fax.

The maximum loan term is 30 months from the date of disbursement.

We, the specialists of the credit department of the online store Shop 999, will try to do everything possible for our customers to enjoy the shopping and not worry about the organization issues. It’s simple and convenient!

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