Happy PADREday!


Wise people say that everything starts with an idea. A small sparkle flashing in mind grows, develops, makes people change, and those who are next to them as well. 🙂 If you want to make a difference in this world, you start with yourself first! And then you are amazed by finding hundreds of like-minded people running marathons/planting trees/doing a lot of incredible things and making the world a better place. That’s because you were able to captivate them, motivate them and prove that the world needs heroes! And as it turned out, everyone can be a hero! 😉

Padre, all of us wish you a happy birthday! We know that in your head, there is plenty of crazy ideas that will make waves and change the world for the better! Keep inspiring, inventing and implementing! Because everything you do turns out to be fruitful! 😉 May you have bright new horizons to explore and cool ideas ahead of you! Happy Birthday, Dmitri Sergeevich!

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