Growth hacking by Simpals, or why speed matters
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21 June 2023

Hundreds of participants attended the Product & Project Management conference at Tekwill. Speakers at this large-scale event included Tatiana Cotliuba, CPO of the SONR project, and the theme chosen was one of the Simpals values – speed.

“Growth hacking. Speed in product hypothesis testing” – this was the title of the workshop Tatiana conducted. And we have to admit that the organizers invited the right expert.

“Business growth is proportional to the number of hypotheses tested, – noted Tatiana. – Statistically, out of 10 hypotheses only one hits the target. So, if we test 10 hypotheses, we might have one business direction, and if we test 50, we end up with 5-6 hypotheses that take off. In other words, the faster we test, the more likely the business is to grow quickly. This is important for any type of business, but SONR is a start-up, and for start-ups rapid growth is essential for survival. Our speed has to be multiple times that of a ready-made business”.

Constantly generating hypotheses, testing them quickly and selecting those that are viable – all of this shows that speed is not just a value, but also a traditional advantage for Simpals. Because it’s the only way to create the perfect product, and then maintain that level through continuous and constant product development. Just like the SONR device, which made sound cut through the water column and penetrate to the depths of the soul.

“We are constantly evolving and finding new ways to optimize something, to restructure processes and become even more efficient, – Tatiana underlined. – Our current pace is always better than it was a trimester ago, and it’s going to be even better. In this process, there is no ceiling for success”.

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