Valeria Puscas – Product manager
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27 June 2023

“A galaxy!” – this is what Valeria calls her team. “They are cool, young, ambitious. They are outgoing, have lots of ideas. They are real partners. That’s why it’s so important for me to create a climate in which they want to grow with the project”. She confidently states: Afisha can catch up with Amazon in terms of events, at least in the CIS – Romania space.

Her biggest dream for Afisha is to start selling tickets to Burning Man. The idea is brilliant because Burning Man is about radical self-expression, radical self-confidence and radical engagement, so typical of Simpals.

Valeria is convinced that anything is possible: “I’ve learned a lot since joining the project. First, to focus on the result. Secondly, not to give up, not to stop and to always have a plan B. Even when the war started and people didn’t seem to be in the mood for fun, we found something to do and started activities for children, for refugees. We did well and continued to grow”.

Afisha has a very important task – providing people with excitement, happiness and new experiences. Society needs all this like a breath of fresh air, like a healing balm. “We know how important our project is, – says Valeria. – And we are working hard to make Afisha as simple and useful as possible”.

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