Simpalsean brought together 40 musicians in a video
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14 December 2018

At Simpals there are people who are not afraid to set ambitious goals and achieve very cool results. The frontman of the post-hardcore band “and all i can say is” – Andrew Spencer, designer at Simpals company, has released a video clip featuring 40 musicians.

Spencer wrote himself the music for his project “THE FLOOD”. As for other participants, they wrote texts and parties for themselves. The main feature of the project is that the song, which is performed in four languages (Russian, Romanian, English and French), was played by musicians of various music genres. “We used rock, metal, punk, hardcore, folk.

The project involves a wide range of instruments: from violin, cello, reed pipe and flute to ukulele, bongo, kahon and bass. And in the closing you can hear a real choir consisting of female participants in the project”, — says Spencer.


Spencer had realized his dream and recorded a video featuring 20 musicians, many people got interested. “When they asked me when I was going to do a project with 40 people, I would give a nervous smile and put off with a jest. My previous experience turned out an extremely difficult ordeal. Now I’m afraid they’ll soon start asking when we’re going to do a video featuring 60 people”, — confesses Spencer.


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