Pancake Festival at Simpals
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12 March 2016

On a working Saturday morning, only one word comes to your mind “Oh, sugar!” And if a lot people start thinking about sugar and tasty morning goodies it combines well with, they might easily come to thinking of pancakes, and make this collective idea materialized in a flash. In addition, the Simpals team remembered the good old omen: “If you roll a pancake into a tube – you can see the end of the week through it”.

And, since our office Mohammets were not able to go to the pancake-mountain, it was decided to bring a mountain of pancakes to them.

A huge mountain of pancakes was sacrificed to hungry Simpals aborigenes under wild jeers and massive champ! Those, who did not want to eat “pieces of the sun”, were getting caught and forced to join the Pancake festival.




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