Our pet’s corner has a new inhabitant
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12 July 2016

We adopted a chinchilla in our office. We nicknamed it Chuney. Oh well, how else, if not in the “Ch”..Naturally, we treat our pet’s corner with the utmost seriousness, and are researching on our new neighbor through length and breadth on such issues, like correct feeding, loving, keeping, and places it should never get into, etc. So, “the basic and the main principles of keeping the animal” are as follows:

1. Keep away from direct sunlight
2. Do not wet (they have no sebaceous glands – may catch a cold)
3. Do not overfeed (they eat very little)
4. They sleep during the day, and are active at night (so no excessive bothering) …

We keep catching ourselves on the feeling that we took a Gremlin! But it’s so cute 🙂




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