Our Farm Expands!
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7 April 2014

We’ve got new pets in our office!

First of all, we’ve got our own Obama =) No, he is not aiming for the presidency. We are talking about a bearded dragon- a lizard that inhabits Australia.


Why is it named a bearded dragon? Because of its throat pouch which inflates when the lizard senses danger. The lizard decides itself what is dangerous and what’s not=) You can hold it if you want, its spines are rather soft and don’t hurt. At the moment our lizard is small, but it is going to grow, so we purchased a larger terrarium for the future=)
It loves to slide across the floor, climb on our employees, eat zoophobus and seems to enjoy being stroked. But be careful when you’re doing it- or it can enter hibernation after too much pleasure. A typical guy!=)

The lizard shares the room with a chinchilla named Yasha, moderators and the cheerful team of Sporter.md.


Now we’re going to tell you about our rabbit named Cherry.

Cherry is a typical girl- she eats cabbage (hopes that it will make her breasts grow bigger), has a fear of loud noises, doesn’t know much about wiring (chews everything she finds on her way). That’s why she spends more time inside the cage than outside it. Cherry has a high IQ, because every evening she attends classes at the School of Computer Graphics and Animation (Monsters School). Soon she’ll get a diploma and apply for our professional courses=)


To be honest, we thought that Cherry was a decorative rabbit, but as the time passed by, we realized that it was quite an ordinary rabbit although it was big and kindhearted. It won’t stop growing to the great delight of our programmers who often ask when we’re going to make a cherry pie.=)

And finally, let us introduce you to our African pygmy hedgehog.

Now the hedgehog is about half a palm size and it will grow just a little more. Unlike other hedgehog species, Jean Point (this is its name) has light-colored spines and white fur. The hedgehog lives in the office of the information portal Point.md.


We haven’t tested yet how combative it is, but it looks really menacing in this picture=)
By the way, hedgehogs are able to communicate with their owners through gestures and sounds. Here are some of them:
Whistling and purring sounds mean that the hedgehog is absolutely happy (just like a cat!). Huffing and puffing is a way for them to express uncertainty and displeasure. Rapid breathing or sneezing together with puffing means the same. Clicking and hissing suggest that the hedgehog is annoyed and should be left alone for a while. Hedgehogs sniff when they are exploring their surroundings. Chirping sounds are heard when a male is courting a female. And screaming is the sound of fear and physical pain.


That’s all for now. The rabbit is grinding away at the studies, the hedgehog is purring and the agama is crawling around the room asking for hugs.

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