How we celebrated March 8 at Simpals
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21 March 2019

Simpals has long established that the fair sex representatives need a special fabulous, romantic and spring atmosphere on the occasion of International Women’s Day, so that congratulations become as exciting as possible 🙂 That’s why, to delight our women, we decided to use one of the most secret men’s recipes with the following ingredients:

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– some delicious coffee from the most adorable and gentile bartenders;

– the most delicate milkshakes, prepared by the best professionals;

– a photo wall where the ladies posed to the most gallant photo artists.

We can’t reveal all the secret ingredients, but we can tell that the Simpals ladies were treated with care and attention all day long 🙂

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And the culmination of the day was the performance of Pasha Parfeni, who personally congratulated each of the Simpals ladies 🙂

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