Children of Simpals employees received magic as a gift
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23 August 2023

This week, children of Simpals employees received some magical gifts – books of the series “Moldovan and Ukrainian Folk Tales”, because development and magic are the values of our company.

The series of books “Moldovan and Ukrainian Folk Tales” is published in Romanian and English by HB Media. The tales of Păcală and Tândală have never before been translated into English. So, the cheerful and impish heroes of Moldovan fairy tales will conquer the world for the first time. The richly illustrated books are already available in bookstores and on Amazon.

The launch of the “Moldovan and Ukrainian Folk Tales” series reminded us that a book is the best gift. Gathered in beautiful volumes, folk wisdom helps children understand what is right and what is wrong, shows them that every action has consequences, and teaches them to value friendship.

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