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17 March 2018

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So, soon is our birthday. It’s a common thing to prepare for it, so we won’t break this tradition. Of course, on April 1 (that’s our birthday date) we will bring some new interesting projects. And meanwhile we will tell you a little about our team and the atmosphere in the company. And, maybe (it really may be!) we will mention some of the greatest and most terrible secrets which were hidden behind the doors of our office for a long-long time! Let’s begin with some facts about our company:

1. At the moment there are 199 employees in the company. We’re wondering who will become the 200th? 🙂

2. The most popular name is Alex (both male and female). Every 14th employee in Simpals is named Alex. Maybe, to avoid confusion 🙂

3. Average age of employees – 30 years and 4 months.

4. We still offer our employees lots of biscuits and barrels of tea. Some traditions last forever 🙂

5. By the way, during this 16 years more than 20 animals received the Simpals passport (some of them were even born in the office), not only the alligator and tarantula, but also a chameleon, a flying squirrel and even a log named Oliver! Someday we will tell you about our numerous ZOO.

6. There is a dress code in our company 🙂 Black is forbidden. That’s it.

7. There are lots of myths and legends in our company. For example, once there was a subordination 🙂 And another one – one day we will move into a new office! And another one – we will release a feature film! And another one… Ok, the rest comes later 🙂

8. We have our own bus stop 🙂 In fact, that’s what we call our smoking room. But we don’t smoke… And don’t lie 🙂

9. Some of our employees keep slippers, blankets and pillows at their workplace. Some of them even have a bathrobe and a rubber duck 🙂 Hello, Andrei!

10. Our company has an anthem. But we won’t tell you anything about it, because the lyrics are a little bit obscene. Oops 🙂

11. Funny enough, but the life in our office doesn’t stop at 18-00: many employees stay and spend their time watching movies, playing board games, getting haircuts, sewing something for others or painting each other 🙂 Anyway, many things happen here.

12. We have our own inside holidays, that aren’t celebrated anywhere else 🙂

13. Besides holidays we have our own ways to relax – company parties… and a special part there is dedicated to the initiation of freshmen.

14. In our office there are lots of bicycles, a table for tennis, an exercise bar, a staircase from the 2nd floor to the 3rd for those who are pro-health. And lots of other things for those who are not 🙂

15. There is an important rule: each employee has a day-off on his birthday! And the company birthday is celebrated any day of the week. Even if it’s on Sunday (like this year!) 🙂

We have lots of interesting things we would like to tell you about. This is only the beginning. 🙂


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