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28 December 2009

Once we asked our painters a very important, to our opinion, question. It was the following:”What gifts would you like to get for the New Year, but not money”?

Mercantile painters after getting to know they were not going to get the money, became indifferent and answered:”We don’t care. Attention, that what matters, not a present”

So, during the week they got the following things from us:

– Udmurdskaja ASSR automobile roads atlas;

– King Henry the Forth underwear patters;

– Ski poles for little children;

– Instructions how to pick elks’ horns during fall and winter;

– Reference book “86 last names ending in “chuja”;

– “Another world” magazine file of 1983 in Chinese;

– Deep fryer trivet of unknown brand;

– Unknown locksmith’s love letters collection;

– Photo of 1965 year graduates of Kyzyl-Orda secondary school number 8;

– Photo of Arcady Ukupnik in A3 format;

Thus, we decided to give something really necessary, not cottge houses, cars or yachts.

But ungrateful guys (strange though it might seem) got crazy from our gifts, locked themselves in their room and draw such an instructive video card.

Insert your name.

We got very much ashamed. And decided that every person really wishes and needs some special presents prior to the New Year and Christmas.

That is why we give you a possibility to write your name in the falling box and give a hint to your friends and relatives that gifts should be useful (reference).

video on youtube

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to everyone!

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