Cannes Lions in Moldova 2007
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19 December 2007

Our company has taken two prizes at Cannes Lions 2007 in Moldova. In the category of “food” we won the first place with the commercial of  “Nestle -” Music” (creative NRG Media, production SIMPALS, client Nestle) in the category of “Alcoholic Beverages” we took first place with the commercial for “Festival “ (creative Indigo Ogilvy, production SIMPALS, client Efes Vitanta Moldova Brewery).

The works which were presented at the contest “Cannes Lions 2007” in Moldova.

* A series of commercials for Festival.

The video, which won the top honors in the category of “Alcoholic Beverages” – is part of a series of bright, dynamic videos, made for the company Efes Vitanta Moldova Brewery.

Each video shows some characteristics and some specific features of the Festival line and has its own image.

1) Festival Hip-Hop – a commercial which is advertising the youth drink «Festival». The video was made in a bright, colorful, youth style, which says to not be sad, to be active and to take the life easy and simple, along with the product «Festival».

2) Festival Disco – the character of the movie – a bright, fun and carefree 3D girl, who easily overcomes difficulties while she is dancing and drinking «Festival». The professionals Simpals had achieved maximum realism of movements of the 3D character, so the image has turned lively and colorful. The advantages of the Festival product – a lid that is easy to open and the special package design were shown in a successfully shape.

3) Festival Rock – the central character of this movie, an independent and a self-contained 3D character. Modern 3D technology and the skills of the professionals of Simpals has helped to create a character who shows a character in a visual way, reflects the essence of the advertised product.

* The video for Nestle – “Music”.

The feature of the video of Nestle – “Music” is the character animation. A cheerful, positive video does not only attract the attention of viewers to the advertised product, but also reminds us of childhood.

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